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Clash at Clairemont 2014 Photos.

The 8th annual Clash at Clairemont went down this past Saturday in San Diego. Hundreds gathered to watch heavy legends and grom rippers tear up the Clairemont YMCA to benefit the Grind for Life organization.

Steve Revord Clash at Clairemont
Steve Revord
Tristan Rennie Clash at Clairemont
Tristan Rennie
Taylor Clash at Clairemont
Cory Juneau Clash at Clairemont
Cory Juneau
Kevin Burke Clash at Clairemont
Kevin Burke
Dan Sparagna Clash at Clairemont
Dan Sparagna
Brighton Zeuner Clash at Clairemont
Brighton Zeuner
Cam Dowse Clash at Clairemont
Cam Dowse

Huge thanks to Mike Rogers, Chris Conway and all the Grind For Life crew that made the 2014 Clash at Clairemont happen. Until next year…

Ride for Shogo Kubo.

Don’t ever need a reason to skate pools with good friends, but this day we rode in honor of skateboard legend, Shogo Kubo. Ozzie lined up the venue and called up Salba, KB and Riverside Shawn the week prior to clean up this epic Rossmore Blue Haven.

062214_Dodger2_0000_Layer 13
062214_Dodger2_0001_Layer 12
062214_Dodger2_0003_Layer 10

That very next Sunday we all met out front and listened to stories past of Shogo. Then stepped into the backyard to begin one of the best sessions I’ve been a part of in a long time. Just pure stoke.

riverside shawn
Riverside Shawn
kyle kaitanjian
riverside ed
Riverside Ed
ozzie ausband
kevin burke

Thanks to everyone for a great day and epic session.

Check out Ozzie’s story here:

2014 Van Doren Invitational Course Renderings.

CA Ramp Works just released the confirmed course renderings for the 2014 Van Doren Invitational. Looking pretty similar to last year’s Marseille setup, but with a squared off bowl instead of the round.

van doren invitational course 2014

The 2014 Van Doren Invitational Contest will take place in Huntington Beach during the US Open of Surfing the last week of July, with the finals on Sunday, August 2.

van doren invitational 2014 flyer

On Tuesday, July 29 be sure to check out the Van Doren Invitational Women’s Bowl Contest at 4 pm.

van doren invitational womens bowl contest

For more information visit:

Check out our coverage from last year’s Van Doren Invitational here:

jake reuter van doren invitational

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