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13? with Kristi Sanders.

I’ve been running into Kristi for years at skateparks all around Southern California. She is always out there pushing herself, having fun, and only doing it for the love of skateboarding. Recently, she has taken that love along with a do-it-yourself attitude and poured herself (and her money) into a new eyeglass company called TIMBER.

1. Name?
Kristi Sanders

2. Location?
Dana Point

3. When did you start skating?

4. How did you get into it?
My boyfriend skated, so I can thank him for introducing me to skating.

5. What is your opinion on where women’s skateboarding is today?
The talent level in Womens skating has progressed incredibly since I started. When I began, there were only a handful of women that skated. Regardless of gender, it’s awesome to see both the creative progression and heavy skill set apparent in skateboarding today.

6. Besides skateboarding, what are some other things you are into?
Surfing, writing and art.

Chris Mumma rocks TIMBER

7. Can you tell us about TIMBER?
TIMBER is an independently owned eyewear company run by artists, skaters and surfers who have designed an eyewear collection that reflects their lifestyle. We designed two distinct lines of wood eyewear. The Skate collection manufactured from skateboard ply and a Surf collection crafted from eco-friendly bamboo.

8. How did you get started with TIMBER?
TIMBER was born from a love of skateboarding. One day, while joking with some friends, I mentioned something about loving skating so much that I would wear my board if I could. I reflected on what I said and thought…why not sunglasses? Eyewear not only serves a function, but it is the ultimate way to represent your lifestyle.

9. How has it been received so far?
The response has been rad. People are hyped on the product, especially the 6-ply Skate collection. I’ve already sold half of my stock and I don’t even have it in my hands. Production on the shades just finished last week.

TIMBER Viking in black

10. Has there been anything that you wish you would have known before starting TIMBER?
The importance of legally covering your ass. Trademarking issues has been my biggest hurdle. I’ve had a few setbacks dealing with some naming rights with a certain corporate giant.

11. What is next for TIMBER?
Design is always on the forefront of what we’re doing. We have collaborated with some incredible designers as well as a new spin of the skate ply material that is going to kill. We’re improving the function on our glasses as well, making every model optical friendly. We’re applying a new technology to wood that protects against wood fracturing.

TIMBER Icon in maple

12. Where can we buy TIMBER?
TIMBER is sold at Thalia Surf Shop (Laguna Beach), Icons of Surf (San Clemente), Lost at E Minor (Australia), and our site

13. Is there anyone you would like to thank?
Thanks to everyone that collaborated on TIMBER and the people that support our lifestyle.

You can catch TIMBER and Kristi this week at the Launch Trade Show, July 25-26 in Santa Monica. Check for more info.

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