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Vangina recap.

Serna brought back a bunch of photos of the AZ trip that I did not get to experience, but now we get to live through with some of these images. Here is just a taste of some things that went down. I can only imagine that stuff that happened when the cameras were put away…

The Vangina Crew

Art over a youngin’ at Goodyear


Serna Jr.

KB frontside stairs

JFA at the Apache Skate Blast

Thanks for sharing, Serna.

Clash at Clairemont 3/27/10.

Went down to check out the Clash at Clairemont on Saturday. Grind for Life, once again, puts on this awesome event to raise money for those who can’t afford cancer treatment. Many big names showed up along with the local rippers and it seemed like everyone was happy to throw it down to show their support. I got there a little late, but just in time for the vert show. There was a highest 540 contest and Lincoln Ueda took it, hands down.

Lincoln blasts

Lyn-Z spun a handful of 540s, but wasn’t able to stick one. She was tossing up some sizable backside airs though.

Simon Tabron

Bucky Lasek

The Master of Disaster even got in the mix

Allysha Bergado

Obvious crowd favorite, the Birdman, spins one around

I headed over to the bowl after to try to find some shade and there was already some heavy shredding going down.

Shane Allen ollies over Jake Piasecki’s board, into the deep


Lizzie Armanto

Josh Borden

Tristan, invert revert

Buddy Carr

Julie Kindstrand

Saosin wrapped up the day with some live music.

There were plenty of memorable moments that I didn’t catch, like Lester’s, Cab’s and Andy Mac’s triples run, Cab’s huge boardslide thru the shallow and the longest stalled invert contest, which Owen Nieder rightfully won. I’m sure video will surface soon.

For more info on Grind for Life check out

More photos here: