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Myself (the leftball), Wongage (the right ball), Jeremy, Old Bro Bill & Wifey Pat- along with nephew Anthony trekked to get some snow shred before its all gone.  I puked on the drive up due to Jeremy’s epic driving skills…I also think I fell in love over 25 times…Screw the beach- I’m hunting for snow bunnies…
Also- unloaded aprx 60+ stickers all over that mountain- SNOWBALLS!!!

(L-R : Jeremy, Bill, Pat, & Anthony)

Told you man- I’m the left ball, he’s the right..

A Radball in flight

Jeremy telling me to get closer… FAG!


OH. MY. GOSH.  And she had a kid too…WORK OUT MUCH?!?!?!

Video will be popping up as soon as Bill has time to send it over!