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One Way Or Another.

“One Way or Another”
Currated by Isaac McKay-Randozzi and Sandro Grison

There have been countless exhibitions of the art inspired by skateboard culture. Decks and shoes adorned with the paint splatter from our favorite skaters from yesteryear. Showing that not only does skateboarding breed creativity, but with it astounding prowess. In recent years professional skaters such as Ed Templeton, Jason Lee, Mark Gonzales, Chris Pastras and Jason Adams have carved their own ways into the world of art with
favorable reviews. Now and for the first time ever Color Magazine brings together the artists who make up the skateboarding world today, as we see it. Representing the wide spectrum of the industry, these artists come together for the pure love of a skate-trip.

Greg PNut Galinsky (Vans), Andrew Pommier (Momentum Wheels, RVCA), Michael Leon (Commonwealth Stacks), Mark ‘Fos’ Foster (Herion Skateboards/Altamont Clothing), Todd Bratrud (High 5/Nike), Ben Horton (Slave Skateboards), Donny Miller (Vans/Skate Mental), Michael Sieben (Volcom/Roger) and Mat O’Brien(Krooked/SLAP) will be traveling from around the country and the U.K. tothree cities showing the wonderful and inspirational work they do. Others like Dennis McNett (Anti-Hero/Vans), Travis Millard (Fudge Factory Comics),Geoff McFetridge (Solitary Arts/Girl), Andy Jenkins (Girl), Matt Irving(adidas, Delphi), and Eric Anthony (4 Star Clothing/Girl) are contributing art for these one-night shows starting in Los Angeles at the HVW8 Art + Design Gallery, then Escapist in Kansas City, MO ending at the No Comply Skate Shop in Austin, TX.


Saturday, May 29 (7 – 10 pm)
HVW8 Art + Design Gallery
661 N. Spaulding Ave.
L.A., Ca 90036
323 655 4898

Friday, June 4 (6-11pm)
405 Southwest Blvd.
Kansas City, Mo 64153
816 842 2504

Monday, June 7 (6-11pm)
No Comply
812 W. 12th St.
Austin, TX 78701
512 804 0472

“One Way or Another will feature some of the most talented folks in the skateboarding industry. Each artist involved is donating their valuable time, skill and resources to inspire the next generation of creators.”
– co-curator Isaac McKay-Randozzi.

During the tour they will be camping out, skating local spots and cavorting with each community on the most grass roots level.

Eric Anthony, Todd Bratrud, Mark Fos Foster, Greg Pnut Galinsky,
Ben Horton, Matt Irving, Andy Jenkins, Michael Leon,
Geoff Mcfetridge, Travis Millard, Donny Miller, Mat O’Brien,
Dennis McNett, Andrew Pommier, Michael Sieben


These are the artists behind the brands, making the graphics for companies that have inspired us for many years. The premise of this group show serves to reconnect these artists with what got them where they are at in the first place: their skateboards. With support from Vans shoes, on May 28th they trade in their comfortable studios and desks for a snug ride in a van (generously provided by Volcom clothing) with over 100 pieces of art, a dozen skateboards and camping gear to embark on a classic skate-trip across part of America. Bringing one-night-only art shows to L.A., Kansas City, and Austin.

“The unique thing about this group is that they are widely known for their art and work for skateboard companies and little known [due mostly to their own authority] for their action on their skateboards.”