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King Of The Skatepark Jam Session held by Charlie Blair

On Feb. 2nd Charlie Blair had a Jam session at the Fullerton Skatepark. There was a good turnout and a lot of the locals were there. Everyone was ripping and the session had a good vibe. I posted up by the hip most of the time because that’s were most of the action was going on. I did not get that many photos but here are a few of the photos I got:


Charlie Blair: The man with the plan….or the man with the jam. Ollie to fakie over the hip.

RUS_4590 copy


The groms were ripping:

RUS_4605 copy
RUS_4606 copy


Haden Mckenna, Tailgrab:

RUS_4591 copy


Andrew Potts:

RUS_4623 copy


Leandre Sanders:

RUS_4586 copy

Josh Skreech Sandoval, Lipslide:

RUS_4630 copy


Just want to thank Charlie and all the companies that supported the event!