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Clash at Clairemont 2014 Photos.

The 8th annual Clash at Clairemont went down this past Saturday in San Diego. Hundreds gathered to watch heavy legends and grom rippers tear up the Clairemont YMCA to benefit the Grind for Life organization.

Steve Revord Clash at Clairemont
Steve Revord
Tristan Rennie Clash at Clairemont
Tristan Rennie
Taylor Clash at Clairemont
Cory Juneau Clash at Clairemont
Cory Juneau
Kevin Burke Clash at Clairemont
Kevin Burke
Dan Sparagna Clash at Clairemont
Dan Sparagna
Brighton Zeuner Clash at Clairemont
Brighton Zeuner
Cam Dowse Clash at Clairemont
Cam Dowse

Huge thanks to Mike Rogers, Chris Conway and all the Grind For Life crew that made the 2014 Clash at Clairemont happen. Until next year…

Ride for Shogo Kubo.

Don’t ever need a reason to skate pools with good friends, but this day we rode in honor of skateboard legend, Shogo Kubo. Ozzie lined up the venue and called up Salba, KB and Riverside Shawn the week prior to clean up this epic Rossmore Blue Haven.

062214_Dodger2_0000_Layer 13
062214_Dodger2_0001_Layer 12
062214_Dodger2_0003_Layer 10

That very next Sunday we all met out front and listened to stories past of Shogo. Then stepped into the backyard to begin one of the best sessions I’ve been a part of in a long time. Just pure stoke.

riverside shawn
Riverside Shawn
kyle kaitanjian
riverside ed
Riverside Ed
ozzie ausband
kevin burke

Thanks to everyone for a great day and epic session.

Check out Ozzie’s story here:

Vans Pool Party 2014 Results

The Vans Pool Party 2014 went off last weekend. The level of skating was insane. Watching the new generation confirms that the future of skateboarding is bright.


Tristan Rennie 1st Place Pro. He had lines for days all over the combi.



Chris Miller 1st Place Legends



Bruno Passos 1st Place Masters



Jeff Grosso took this 50/50 all the way through the round



Christian Hosoi’s laybacks are always classic



Josh Rodriguez



Trey Wood blasting a huge stalefish



Brad McClain



Tom Schaar


Andy Macdonald



Here are the Results:

1. Tristan Rennie
2. Josh Rodriguez
3. Cory Juneau
4. Trey Wood
5. Brad McClain
6. Tom Schaar
7. Andy Macdonald
8. Josh Borden

1. Bruno Passos
2. Brian Patch
3. Darren Navarrette
4. Sergie Ventura
5. Steve Revord
6. Darin Jenkins
7. Justin Lynch
8. Jed Fuller


1. Chris Miller
2. Jeff Grosso
3. Christian Hosoi
4. Eddie Elguera
5. Nicky Guerrero
6. Eric Nash
7. Lester Kasai
8. Steve Caballero

Sleep –
Ozzie Ausband Guest Post

james hedrick pool skating
James Hedrick

Sleep. The great earth is still. Leaves wither and brown. They fall away and touch the earth. Decay. The great cycle of life. New things will come from them after the earth sleeps. A few friends stop by from time to time throughout the year. They are from other places. Snow birds. Colorado. Pennsylvania. All over…

Al Partanen pool skating
Al Partanen
whiskey tee death box pool skating
Terrill Schmidt
cadillac black and white
cam dowse pool skating
Cam Dowse
Italo Penarrubia pool skating
Italo Penarrubia
shallow end pool skating

They try and sit out the cold spell. Frost glistens in the morning. Old bones crack and ache.The snow birds flutter and move to warmer regions. They long for warmth. We provide it. In spirit. They fly. They sing. They collect in groups and drink from cement ponds… nourishment for the soul. The snow birds are content. Thanks to Brandon Wong for the images. Skate- Ozzie

cam dowse,al partanen, ozzie ausband, whiskey tee

Check out Ozzie’s Blue Tile Obession

Vans Off The Wall Skatepark Grand Opening Photos.

After years in the making, the Vans Off The Wall Skatepark opened this past Saturday and did not disappoint. Little girls, old men, street shredders and vert dogs all came out to get a sample of the 40,000 sq ft, California Skateparks built, wonderland located in Surf City USA. There has been a ton of coverage already, so I’m not going to go into design details, but here are a few photos from the day.

Christian Hosoi Huntington beach skatepark
Hosoi – Laid Back
Josh Mattson hb skatepark
Josh Mattson – Sign Jumper. Photo: MRZ
kiko fransisco huntington beach skate park
Kiko Fransisco – Backside Tweaker
Omar Hassan Huntington Beach skatepark
Omar Hassan – Kickin’ to Fakie
Huntington Beach skatepark
Nick D – Upside Down
Charlie Blair vans off the wall skate park
Charlie Blair – Blasted and Boned
pam hb skatepark
Patrick RyanVans off the wall skatepark
Patrick Ryan – Cliff Jump
Salamander Vans Off the wall skatepark
Salamander – Hip to Lip
Jinx HB Skatepark
Sarah Thompson - Buckle Up for Safety
Sarah Thompson – Buckle Up for Safety
jay adams huntington beach skatepark
Jay Adams – No Caption Necessary. Photo:MRZ
Nora Vasconcellos huntington beach skatepark
Nora Vasconcellos – Blaster
daniel vargas vans off the wall skatepark
Daniel Vargas – Real Smith
Crazy Kyle vans off the wall skatepark
Crazy Kyle – Rock Jam to Disaster
Brian Brannon Huntington Beach Skatepark
Brian Brannon – Off the Lip
Dave Kindstrand vans off the wall skatepark
Dave Kindstrand – Double Truckin’
Cam Dowse skatepark in huntington beach
Cam Knows.
allysha bergado hb skate park
Allysha Bergado – Boneless
jarren duke vans huntington beach skatepark
Jarren Duke – Plants Fast
Adrian Hernandez vans skatepark hunting beach
Adrian Hernandez – AZ to HB Smith
steve caballero vans off the wall skatepark
Cab – Full Frontal
Kayula Caballero vans skatepark huntington beach
Kayla Cab – Comin’ in Hot!
rowan vans huntington beach skatepark
Rowan – 5-0 Burner
Dave Duncan HB skatepark
Duncan – Off the Mic, On the 5-0
chrome dome hb skatepark
Garry Shtucks it and Hucks it.
shane allen huntington beach skatepark
Shane Allen – Tail Slider
Josh Borden Pedro Barros
Borden / Barros – Doubles Routine

Check out the California Skateparks website for more info.

Huge thanks to Steve Van Doren and the Vans Crew, Jacks, CA Skateparks and everyone else involved in bringing another great park to the area. The Vans Off The Wall Skatepark is located at 7471 Center Avenue, Huntington Beach, CA, next to Old World. Hours are 10-7 right now with rumors of lights going in soon. After your sesh, head over to Grinderz in Old World for some burgers and good beers on tap.

Photos by Brandon Wong, Russ Sakurai, and MRZ


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