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Austin Poynter Ripping His Local Skateparks

I met Austin Poynter a few times to shoot some photos at some of his local spots. A few weeks ago I wanted to go skate the new Oceanside Alex Road Skatepark. I hit up Austin and he did not have school that day so it worked out great. Watching him skate is always a pleasure. His style is so smooth and effortless. The future is bright.


Oceanside Alex Road Skatepark:

RUS_1309 copy
RUS_1315 copy


Oceanside MLK Skatepark:

RUS_1319 copy
RUS_1327 copy


Monster Energy Ramp:

RUS_4679 copy
RUS_4692 copy
RUS_4702 copy

Here is some video shot by Nick “Maddog” Henderson at the Oceanside skateparks:

Here is a list of who he rides for:


Monster Energy


Osiris Shoes


S-One Helmets

187 Pads

Bull Taco

McGills Skateshop

Skate Arvada –
Better Late Than Never.

Took a trip out to Colorado a little over a month ago for the King of the Snake – Dave Tuck Invitational and to hit up some of the amazing spots that I keep hearing so much about. I’ve been told a thousand times, but it wasn’t until we got there did I truly understand the magnitude of skate terrain in Arvada and the skate scene that goes along with it.

Before we could leave California, we had a little hicup at the airport.

kyle kaitanjian

We made our flight in time and we were off to Denver.
Spent the next day witnessing some heavy shred go down at Arvada Skatepark for the King of the Snake – Dave Tuck Invitational. In addition to an amazing contest, there was huge raffles, custom art, food trucks, music cranking all day, and all around good times… all to support Dave Tuck.

Dave Tuck Pool Coping

After Josh Borden was crowned King of the Snake, we headed over to Rock-A-Billies for the after party. Space In Time started it off and killed it with a blend of psychedelic face melting that got the crowd pumped.

space in time denver
space in time denver

Frontside Five closed the place down the Denver Skate Punk way.

frontside five
frontside five brooke
frontside five

The next morning was off to a slow start. Stopped by Tuck’s to hang out for a bit.

Dave Tuck King of the Snake

Checked out a few parks. Wheat Ridge and Baby Arvada.

wheat ridge baby arvada

After a few stops, we ended up at Greg’s epic side yard.

gregs diy

The gap session ensued, Aaron took in frontside and Jimi went backside.

aaron ebel jimi beck

Next stop was Jerry’s annual skate bash. This ramp is definitely one of the funnest I have ever skated…full Animal Chin style fun.

Jerry's ramp

Chet Childress

chet childress at jerrys ramp


phil at jerry's ramp

Riley Stevens

riley stevens at jerry's ramp

Kyle Kaitanjian

kyle kaitanjian at jerry's ramp

Steven Reeves

steven reeves at jerry's ramp


jaeson at jerry's ramp

Took it easy the rest of the night in order to get a little skating in the next day before we had to leave.
I’ve been hearing so much about Terrill’s bowl, we weren’t about to leave before taking some turns in it.

terrill's bowl


kyle kaitanjian at terrill's

Shane Henry

shane henry at terrill's

The Landlord – Whiskey Tee

terrill schmidt

Made one last stop on the way to the airport.

Mikey's DIY

Huge thanks to everyone for an awesome weekend, Shane for putting us up and the Arvada Army for making us feel at home. Until next time.