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Would Shop Best Trick and BBQ.

Last Saturday many gathered in Nick D’s backyard for a best trick throw down complete with a BBQ and live music.

The landlord, Nick D, inverted

Patrick Ryan, first place blaster

Riverside’s finest, Art Miranda, stale fish

Malditas Drogas and OKT went off

Maddog, smithers

Kevin Burke, ollie

Tristan Rennie, Indy

Julz, layin’ back

Best Trick Results
1. Patrick Ryan
2. Tristan Rennie
3. David Branom
4. Kevin Burke
5. Art Miranda
6. Danny Sandoval
7. MadDag
8. Johnny Abernathy
9. Sonny Rodriguez
10. Ryan
11. C.W.
12. Ms Jr.
13. Bill Rennie
14. Justin Gordan
15. Nathan Rennie

Ladies Results
1. Julz
2. Nicole Dodson
3. Pauline Branom
4. Victoria Serna

Thanks to Nick D and Would Shop for hosting a rad event!