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Grosso Partys at Jokers.

Checked out the Anti Hero Grosso board release party last night at Jokers Skate Shop. The place was packed from the back wall to the front door. Free pizza and drinks for everyone. Every Grosso board came off the wall and was gone in the first 15 minutes of the event. Legends Lance, Lucero, Duane, Hosoi came out to show support and the Anti Hero team was there to hold it down.

Grewer, Allen, Grosso, Stranger, Cardiel, and Roy bringing the heat.

I walked away with one of the limited Jokers colorway. 1 of 30.


I had the opportunity of going to Santa Cruz this weekend for the Vans JTDTI.  Tradition continued, by handing out custom Vans cruiser decks to all the competitors, photographers, and videographers.  This time, Russ forgot hardware, bearings, grip, trucks, wheels, and tools (basically, every single thing but the deck).  He told me he was heading to NHS to pick up some shit from his friend Jeff Kendall.  So I fucking went; Look.

Creature Decks, hot off the press.

Russ Pope designed this board in ’93; This is the board that the ‘New’ Creature
based their entire revival off of.  I saw the office that Russ single-handedly created
Creature in.. He butcher papered the walls and wouldn’t let anyone but Novak see
what he was up to..

Make a shirt.

Jim Phillips art detail for the Grosso graphic below..

OG Grosso shit.

If you’re over 35, I’m sure your first board is on this wall (I only shot 1/8th of it..)

More OG Grosso shit.. the original toybox graphic.

NHS in all its glory.