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13? with Cam Dowse.

Cam Dowse is a pool pal. 100% down for skateboarding and giving back to those in need. He is holding his annual “Camtest” on Saturday, February 25th at the infamous Pink Motel and this year it is a benefit for fellow skateboarder, Dave Tuck. Cam was cool enough to take a moment and give us a little backstory to Camtest and what it’s about.

1. Name?
Cam Dowse

2. Location?
Laguna Beach, CA

3. Where are you originally from and what brought you to live in the US?
I’m from Sydney, Australia. I originally would come to Colorado to snowboard, but when they started building amazing skateparks there, I stayed.

4. What were the best places to skate in Australia growing up and what are your favorite places to skate now?
As far as concentration of good skateparks, I think Canberra and the Gold Coast have a great variety of good spots. Sydney has Bondi and Five Dock which are really fun, too.

My favorite places to skate now are definately backyard pools! I like the Lake Forest skatepark, too. The Combi is rad, but the mall thing really bugs me.

Cam showing the youth how to do a proper lip slide over the box.

Lighting up the Skate Colorado Ramp.

5. What is Camtest?
Camtest is a backyard style skate contest with a non generic skate format that started in Colorado at the Skate Colorado Ramp in Boulder. It’s basically a “skateboard party”. This is the first Camtest to be held in California and I am so stoked it’s at the Pink Motel!

6. Why did you choose the Pink Motel this time around?
It’s a rad place to have an event with the history it has in Skateboarding. I went up there to skate last year and since then have always wanted to rent it out again and this was the perfect opportunity.

Lein to Tail at last year’s Camtest in Fairplay, Colorado.

7. What does it take to enter the contest?
You gotta show up, weigh in and rip!!

8. Is the event open to the public and does is cost anything to get in?
It’s not really open to the public, just the people that heard about it. Cause if you know, you know. 20 bucks at the door includes beer/water, tacos, mega raffle, 5 bands and guaranteed good times.

Dave Tuck in his private oasis.

9. This is a benefit for Dave Tuck. For those that don’t know, can you tell us about him and his situation?
All proceeds from this event will go to Dave Tuck to help with his battle to beat cancer. Dave was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in September of 2011 and has been battling through grueling chemotherapy treatments. As we all know, the medical system in this country ain’t cheap so we gotta do what we can to help a brother out!

Tuck at Tobin’s bowl.

Tuck blaster at Skate Colorado Ramp.

10. First ever weight class contest? How did you come up with that idea?
Yep, 1st ever. The idea was thought up around a firepit in Colorado bouncing around ideas about the next Camtest. The idea was unanimously voted in! Survival of the Fattest….

11. Was there anything you wanted to do for the contest, but weren’t able to this time around?
Not really. It already has far exceeded my expectations with the support we have been getting from companies helping out with this event.

Cam, frontside barger.

12. You’ve got some great bands playing and a lot support from the skateboard industry. How did you get them on board?
Dave Tuck is in a band called the Beer Boys and has played with Frontside Five and Hightower. My next door neighbor, Tony, is in Visual Discrimination and they wanted to play. Rhino called and wanted his friend’s band, The Widows from SD, to play and Mark Liscak from Flow Snowboards wanted his friend’s band, Killing California, to play. It worked out awesome.

Dave Tuck is very well known in the skateboard industry. A lot of people have ventured into his yard to skate his amazing pool in Arvada, Colorado. Mike D made the flyer and we started promoting the event to friends in the Industry. A lot of people know or at least had heard about Dave and were stoked to be a part of it. That’s what’s so rad about skateboarding!!

Camtest is a go!

13. Any people/companies that you would like to thank for helping make Camtest possible?
Want to thank Mike Daniel for all his hard work and dedication in making this happen, he did an amazingly rad job putting this all together! Thank you to Ryan Runke at Red Bull for believing in this event. Thanks to Steve at PBR beer, Rhino at Independent, Mike Burnett at Thrasher Mag, Mike Rogers and Chris Conway from Grind For Life, Zach Hartley at Hurley, Lindsey at Conspiracy Skateboards, Jamie Hart at Vans, Rob Washburn at Bones, Mark Sweetser at Dogtown and Hosoi Skateboards, Chicken at PPS, Paul Wisniewski at Green Issue, Mark Liscak at Flow, Ron Buretta at Solid, Willie at Bluebird, Fred Levy at Lowcard, Think and Lucky, Damon Thorley at Spitfire and Krooked, Gustavo at O2 Lighting, Jon Tucker at Rocket Films, Ashley Honeyman at Joan of Arc Welding, Kevin Burke at A and H Party Rentals, Ozzie at Blue Tile Obsession, Brandon at Radballs, my beautiful girlfriend, Allyson, and everyone else that has helped out in making this event come to life. Look forward to seeing everyone there!!! Cheers!

The 4th annual Camtest is Saturday, February 25, 2012, 12:00pm-10:00pm at the Pink Motel in Sun Valley, California.

Skate Schedule:
Registration and Weigh In: 12:00–2:00pm

Lightweights (100# to 150#) 2:00–3:00pm
Middleweights (150# to 200#) 3:00–4:00pm
Heavyweights (200# plus) 4:00–4:30pm

Open skate session all other times!

Cash Prizes! Custom Belt Buckle for Winner of Each Weight Category!

The Hurley Phantom Customization Truck will be on site screenprinting tshirts for the event!!

Bands starting at 4:00pm:
Frontside Five
Visual Discrimination
Killing California
The Widows

Food and Beverages: included with $20 entry donation

Eddie Lara (Taco Eddie) will be making his awesome tacos on site and will be serving food around 4pm til it runs out.

Beer from Pabst Blue Ribbon

Bottled Water

Visit for more information and to keep up to date with all the event happenings.


Bryce Reynard

How about a 300+ division?

Eddie Lara

cant wait it’s gonna be awesome !! Skate my fatt ass off !!!

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