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13? with Josh Peacock.

Fresno pool ambassador and filmer, Josh Peacock, has released your favorite pool videos, including Tresslashing and Cancer Dust. Bringing not only the most raw backyard pool skating, but giving us a glimpse into backyard barging, alcohol fueled debauchery and of course, scantily clad poolside hotties. He has just released his new video, Block Party, and I’m sure we can count on more of the same insanity we have grown to expect from a Peacock Film. Josh was kind enough to sit down and answer a few questions about the new video.

1. Name?
Josh Henderson

2. Occupation?

3. Location?
California Fresno/So Cal

4. How did you get the nickname “Peacock”?
I was draining a pool and had a mohawk that I dyed a bunch of colors. My friends said that from over the fence the top of my head looked like a peacock and it just kind of stuck I guess.

Super 8 Action

5. Best dudes to skate with?
I love skating with everybody but lately I’ve been riding with Brad McClain, Kevin Kowalski, Josh Mattson, Jerry Gurny, Ben Raybourn, and Mike Barnes a bunch.

6. Previous videos you have worked on?
Scum Line, Tresslashing and Cancer Dust

Just another day by the pool

7. Anything different in making Block Party compared to the other videos?
Not really

8. What are some stand outs that we can look forward to in Block Party?
It’s hard to say, there’s so much crazy skating in there. I guess Ben Raybourn’s invert on the diving board at the Gonzales pool, Brad McClain’s boneless over Jerry Gurney doing a fs grind and Josh Mattson’s boneless from the ledge into the pool at Buena are a few of my favorites.

9. Were all spots in California or did you film out of state, too?
No, we made it out of California a few times. We hit some spots in Oregon, New Orleans, and Phoenix AZ, mostly California though.

The crew at the Flumes

10. What cameras/equipment did you use?
Mostly shot on a Sony HDR-FX7 and I also have a couple different super 8 cameras that I used.

11. Anything not make it into the video that you wish could have?
There was one last roll of super 8 that I couldn’t get developed in time that I really wish could have made it in there. I might have to re-release the super 8 chapter on Youtube or Vimeo in a year or so with the extra roll in there.

12. Any plans for another video?
Not sure yet. Right now I’m helping a few of my friends shoot parts for their sponsors. I’m sure eventually I’ll do another vid.

13. People/Companies that helped make Block Party possible?
NHS, Bones, Woodys Half Pipe, S-One, Gross Graphics, Guerrin Myall, Brian Alexander, Rolo and Skreech

Kowalski, McClain and Raybourn over a welcomed obstacle at Gonzales.

Block Party premieres this Saturday, August 6 at Ben Butler’s in Anaheim, California. Visit for more info on the premiere and to get your hands on the new video.

Thanks Josh for the additional photos.


ian dewitt

hey josh, you and a couple buddies of yours came to skate my pool one day, and i was just wondering if you had that film? its in fresno ca

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