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new music tuesday.

new music comes out today and i can guess that most of it sounds like assballs. so, with the convenience of youtube, i thought i would start posting up somethings that interest me. could be old, could be new, but will not be the greatful dead. that is unless mr. lightner posts it.

Deftones are one of my all time favorite bands. in 2000 they distributed an EPK to promote the up coming release of White Pony.  

return to sender.

my postal delivery person is a complete idiot. i have received numerous pieces of mail that aren’t even addressed to my address.

 so, Mr. Buttram, if you are missing some mail, i have it. please tell the delivery person to get their shit straight. 

bustin’ down.

a friend of mine has been working with Mark Richards, Rabbit Bartholomew and Shawn Tomson to get distribution for thier new surf doc titled Bustin’ Down the Door. the film is narrated by Edward Norton and will make a worldwide premiere at the Santa Barbara Film Festival on January 27, 2008. you can check out the trailer here.

niño de la tierra.

found this thing in a pool the other day. it has many names, but is commonly referred to as a potato bug or jerusalem cricket. come to find out, it’s neither a bug nor a cricket and is not from jerusalem nor does it eat potatoes. my guess is that the person who named this thing was pretty fucking high.