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Off The Wall

my good friend danimal over at surf & destroy gave me a call the other day inquiring of my personal measurements- gee what could this lead to..  so today i cruise over to vans in cypress to try on some clothes.  of course, ‘slowmar’ hassan was in the parking lot on his sled and also on his cell (i fucking see you everywhere dude, what the fuck?!)  anyway, danimal showed me around- and damn dude, vans has their shit together.. makes other action sport companies look like huffy.  good friend, jerry badders was mia- so i snuck in this shot of an old ad of his..

danimal then showed me around- touring the vans ramp & friends, showing showrooms (?), and explaining the simpsons vans and showing me all the displays they had up in the break room.  i guess only 100 pairs of each shoe were released (DAMN! helloooo ebay!) by each artist…can’t really recall how many artists there were in total, but i did remember this douche bag.. love to hate him, or vice versa.. you pick..

(forgive the flair/glare- i didn’t have an assistant handy…)

this is the board in the display- they screen printed each artists simpson face on random shaped decks along with the shoes, and a drawing of the simpsons family… pretty hot shit.

thanks danimal for sharing your area of work, with us here at radballs.