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blowin’ it at Chicken’s.

I few weeks ago I got the invite to Chicken’s bowl. Much like Bellmar’s, this backyard playground is of legendary status. Needless to say I was beyond stoked. As i’m down in the bottom sweeping, I notice that this thing is way gnarlier than any picture would lead you to believe.

We finish cleaning up and I drop in to my first run, which abruptly ends with me sprawled out on the bottom of the deep end. Session over. Awesome.

Oh well, you’ve got to pay to play sometimes and I’ve got my camera, so the night is not a total wash. Took a bunch of cool shots for the rest of the night and when I get home I find out that all of them look like complete ass…dark, out of focus and noisy as all hell. Awesome.

So there you have it, my first and quite possibly my only session at Chicken’s. Life gives you lemons, you make lemonade, right? Well with a lot of tweaking here’s some lemonade. It is super sour, so drink at your own risk.







Mama Farrel

nice shoot….love it….