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El Salvador : Los Flores

i boarded united/LASCA flight 671, destination: el salvador, last thursday the 22nd at 2am- with nothing but a pair of tweezers, two boards, two towels, two cameras, three trunks, a backpack, and 2.0g of full melt bubble hash, cause my OG & sour D triple vacuum sealed still smelled.. in el salvador, there was this pasta joint called ‘rasta pasta’ : two joints for an appetizer, then two joints for dessert.. my new favorite place in the entire world. as for the waves.. the waves were insane- imagine santa barbara county (losflores like rincon & punta mango like el cap to be exact) with no one out, head high+ sets, lined up rides, and 85° water.. yeah, pretty amazing. oh yeah, & fuck you for charging me $100 each way for boards, airports.. i came home through U.S. customs with a 26″ machete, FYI.

i also shot a few rolls of film i’m still waiting to get back, but here’s a few in the meantime..

and of course, all the shit i managed to gather along the way..

1. the 2.0g of hash
2. dirt ass salvadorian herb
3. the tweezers
4. the hash can (extremely healthy)
5. tunes (grateful dead/slayer)
6. matches
7. poker
8. rasta pasta joints, on the house

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