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warped tour.

So, i just got back from Warped Tour in Pomona and the heat was pretty close to the temperature on the Sun. Needless to say, I spend $12 on 4 waters, watched the Aggrolites kill it and got the hell out of there. Here are a couple weak shots from my phone.

The Vans tent had a bunch of new stuff slated to come out soon.

Looks like an all leather perf Hosoi SK8 HI.

and a SLAYER HI TOP!! I think it’s an Owens Hi.

Loved to Death

this is my favorite stage of eras/authentics- my favorite shoe(s) of all time. i wait anxiously for the holes to appear, for the canvas to begin its a-symmetrical tearing, for the laces to turn brown & fray, and seeing my big toe for the first time through its burrowed hole.. it feels like such an accomplishment.  and NO- i do not need a new pair of shoes.



After watching todd jones destroy it in the carry on video i posted last week, i had to keep going and post some terror.  Terror was amazing before ’03 & Ozzfest hit (plus, jones leaving the band).. with a raw cross over blend of hardcore and thrash- they were the band to see live.

Scott Vogel informing TX about the stage dive trampoline..

Terror performing “better off without you” in 2003 – destroy.