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Oceanside MLK Skatepark Opening 12/20/08.

Went down to Oceanside to check out the grand opening Saturday and to shoot some pics for Park is pretty fun, small flow section with a squarish horseshoe with tile and pool coping at the end connected to a street/bank area. Saying this park is crowded is an understatement. Not really somewhere I would recommend going out of your way to skate, but worth rolling around in if you are in the area.

Tony Alva


This dude was killing it.

Check out more photos on the SoCal site:

Upland Contest 12/14/08.

Shot a few pics at the Upland contest last weekend…

Tristan Rennie

Art Miranda warms up with a big ol’ boneless (shot late. sue me.)

Julian Scholl, tailgrab with style.

Kevin Burke, goes berserk

5-0. Give him a hand, because I just cut his off.

Julie Kindstrand, FSA into the pipe.

Nick Chism. Kind of looks like a tailtap on the pipe, it’s not…just a huge F-ing air!

Perry Starkey, mach 10 into 1st place.