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2008 (photographic) year in review.

Over the past year I have met some cool people, skated with those same people at some amazing spots, and was able to attend and photograph some sick events. I was looking at some pics that were shot over the last 12 months and thought I’d post some of them up. So, here’s my (photographic) year in review…

Brant, Chino 1/12/08

Bill, Bible Bowl 2/2/08

Ronnie, Chino 2/7/08

Dave, Glendale 2/9/08

Adrian Demain, Pala 2/16/08

CK, Redlands 3/2/08

Anthony, Old Bro 3/2/08

Brian Whitney, Chino 3/9/08 – One of my favorite shots of the year.

Tige, Pala 3/29/08

Brian, Pala 3/29/08

Johnny, Chino 4/16/08

Chris, Bible Bowl 4/17/08

Dale, Bellmar’s 4/23/08

Julie, Chicken’s 4/25/08

Michael Brookman, Basic Bowl Contest 4/26/08

Jake, Bellmar’s 5/1/08 – Who just became a father…congrats homie!

Kyle, Bellmar’s 5/1/08

Benji, Bible Bowl (Dave’s B-day Session) 5/16/08

Scott, Bellmar’s 5/29/08

Aaron Court, Chino 6/4/08

Jason, Chino 6/28/08

Steve, Punker’s 7/2/08

Mark, Joker’s 7/10/08

Pedro Barros, Punker’s 7/26/08

Cristiano, Soul Bowl Contest 7/27/08

Jerry Gurney, Washington Street 9/6/08

Mike, Headquarters 9/13/08

Colin, Solvang 9/20/08

Scott, Burger Bowl 9/25/08

Tim Johnson, GVR Bowl Contest 10/3/08

Matt, Glendale 10/12/08

Lester, Fontana II Grand Opening 10/25/08

Tristan, Fontana II 11/4/08

Russ, Burger Bowl 11/6/08

Kevin, Fontana II 11/8/08

Jeremiah, SoCal Skateparks Skatefest – Pala 11/15/08

Art, Fontana II 11/22/08

Eddie, Fontana II 11/28/08

Tim, Chicken’s 11/30/08

Chris, Bible Bowl (Julie’s B-Day Session) 12/5/08

Nick, Upland Contest 12/14/08

Alva, Oceanside MLK Grand Opening 12/20/08

Here’s to 2009!