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Rolled over to Scotty’s Garage, while Him and his brother Turk worked on some new dumpy frame that Scotty picked up for parts.  Their good friend Will stopped by (who’s friends with Max) and hung our for bit, and talked some quality shit.  Good conversation, good vibes, and good tunes.
A good bike seat is key to enjoying your ride and can make the difference between a painful slog and a grand adventure.

Be sure to check out their blog– it’s heavy and epic.


(photos : Lightner)

NorCal trip day 1 – 7/24/09.

A few of us decided to head north last weekend to hit a few parks and ultimately end up at the Lake Cunningham park in San Jose. Chris, Art, Kevin and I loaded up and started the trek up the 101. Bill, Jeff and Dan weren’t far behind, coming up from SD.

We arrived in Santa Cruz mid-morning on Friday at the Wave Park. Tim and Stan came down from Sacramento and met up there too. Park was a lot smaller than I expected, but was sick and the locals were ripping. Chris and I shot a few photos.







Dan C

Met up with Chuck from NHS at the park and he invited to the shop for a little tour.

This photo speaks for itself. So much history in this place.

The Crew

Huge thanks to Chuck for taking the time out of his day to have us over. I’m sure I can speak for everyone when I say it really topped the day off. He hooked us up with some shirts and stickers and we were on our way.

Next stop was the Frederick Street Park, which was a fun snake run…in the 70’s. Now it’s gnarly cheese grater asphalt with a little bank at the end. We made the most of it and it ended up being kinda fun.

Filmed by Chris

From there, we headed over to Derby Park. Just a snake run into a banked bowl, but a cool piece of skate history. We all had a blast and the locals murdered this place.

Filmed by Chris

We all gathered up any energy we had left and stopped at the Scotts Valley Park. This was a super fun park. Had a pretty wide range of tranny stuff and a few ledges.




Layback tailtap?

Ollie over the channel…it was probably an 8 foot gap.

We were all done after that session. So we headed to San Jose, got some food and called it a night. Pics from day 2 coming soon…

Few more photos here:


Ed Templeton is easily one of the biggest influences in my creative life.  Whether he is inventing tricks that have changed skateboarding forever, pulling out his bruised radballs in Welcome To Hell (0:28), painting or drawing intense shit, shooting stunning and captivating photos, or shredding your fucking face off via his skateboard- the dude is always on one…a fucking good one at that.  He has EARNED every single one of his talents- he wasn’t just “blessed” with them; making Ed one hardcore, persevering motherfucker.  Ed Templeton- I love you.  You’re a true inspiration, no matter what you’re doing.  Thank you.

corey duffel via ed

(photo : Ed)


A few of us are taking a quick skate road trip up north this weekend. Should be at Santa Cruz Friday morning then off to San Jose in the evening and Saturday. Hope to have a full report when we get back.