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The Most Ridiculous Skateboard Video of All Time

So I still can’t figure out if this is a total joke, if it’s for real, or what.  Send your thoughts to please- cause neither the right ball (B Wong) or the left ball (myself) know what the hell is going on here.  One thing is for sure- it is definitely 100% pure laughing material…But is it supposed to be?  Lowcard rules, none-the-less.

**If you make it to the CAMO black ice part (you’d be a ra-tard not to) – READ THIS….

Board Out of Your F___ing Mind?

You should watch every single skate video ever made then.  Just visit Skate Videos Online, and let yourself go.  And by letting yourself go, I mean sitting in your boxers all day long in front of your computer watching video, after video, after video, after video (it’s 100+ degrees anyway).  Or just sit on ebay all damn day and do the same thing- either or.


Currently, I am watching “Gnar Gnar” (pictured above)- the all VHS Krooked video that God, I mean Gonz himself released in 2007 limited to only 1000 copies.

Brandon Wong : Hard at Work

This is the right ball of the radballs duo (as I am the left ball), Mr. Brandon Wong.  Brandon is one motivated dude- especially when it comes to working from his home office.  I know if it was me- I’d be messing around, skateboarding, blogging, or doing nothing all day long; rather than being productive.  If I had a home office like this, Geez- GAME. OVER.  Well done Brandon, keep hope alive!