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I had no idea putting up stickers was comparable to graffiti; Especially when it comes to putting up stickers over other stickers.  Everywhere I drive, I keep a gigantic stack of stickers of friends that I support (, radballs, smash skates, captain fin co., cycle zombies, and hurley) either in my truck (when I’m driving) or in my pockets (when I’m walking or someone else drives).  Signs, menus, concrete, reflectors, poles, and cars with stickers are my usual targets and I usually place them in a lot of the same spots.
So lately, on my usual errands (bank, food, beach, home, etc.) I’ve been noticing that my sticker displays have been being stuck over.  This stupid crew/company/meathead crap known as ‘’ and some others known as ‘COS’ have been trying to take over ‘my spots’.  At the bank the other day, there was a COS sticker over my radballs/captain fin co. sticker placement- so of course, i removed that crap and threw it on the ground.  I go back a few days later- of course, my stickers are now gone with more COS and Pimpit stickers- how incredibly nice of you.  This one pump at the shell station off 19th/Placentia in Costa Mesa, yeah- put up a Pimpit sticker over my sticker, and removed my radballs/captain fin co. stickers and put up yet another fag COS sticker.  Dude, what the hell did I ever do to your company/guerrilla advertising?  I never put my stickers over your piles of craps…

Long story short-; you’re toolboxes.  I will rape your stickers with mine each time I see them, not only that- Im just going to start removing your stickers and not even putting mine up there.  No one needs stripper poles, famous stars and straps clothing, or beer bongs anymore; its no longer 2001.

(picture of yours truly putting a radballs sticker over the first P in ‘’)

(photo : Oden)