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Live Undead LP

This rain is seriously destroying my bank account; I have nothing to do- so I buy records.  Yay.  The upside, is that I found this limited picture disc of Slayers Live Undead album.  It’s ridiculous.  I almost jumped out my window while listening to it.  I decided not to though.  I then proceeded to break every single object in my household- my roommates will not be happy…

I think in an attempt to make them happy- and forget about the destroyed house, I’m going to get this printed and framed to put above our fireplace.  I don’t think either of them appreciate Saved By the Bell- nor do they Slayer…But I’m pretty sure even my dad would laugh at this- and he doesn’t even know who Slater is.  Rain rain go away I can’t listen to Slayer anymore today (or I will take over my entire neighborhood wearing WWII gear and will equip myself with a bayonet just for added fun).