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Should I trust the government?

Wow, I caught the wall at the pond(or whatever its dubbed now) on the 13th. Coolest thing I’ve ever seen. I don’t think I’ll ever miss another one of his presentations. Do yourself a favor and go or at the very least find a copy of this iShoot,  iEdit material, its out there on various torrent hosting sights. Check out the clips, it was hard to only pick a couple.


I met Robert Guy (skate photo) through my really good buddy Rob Murow (DJ photo) last month, and man.. let me tell you- most buttery, stylish, locked-in, back smiths you’ll ever see (even though the photo below, is of him coming out of a frontside rock).  Two of the most down to earth dudes you could ever have the chance of meeting; Glad to call you both my homies.

R A D B A L L S | A . F . E .
The two Robs; Guy & Murow.

MRZ in the LBC.

If you have any interest in the skateboard world, chances are you’ve seen a MRZ photo. Ray Zimmerman has been at it since the 80’s, been everywhere and shot everyone from young grom to seasoned pro. The dude puts countless hours into his photography and has definitely been an inspiration to me. Next month will be Ray’s very first solo show at Dark Matter Gallery in Long Beach. Opening reception on January 8, 2011, 6-10pm.

Time For Revolution

You can catch them pretty consistently at whatever venue is hot near Victorville or at The Warehouse in Chino, except during midterms or finals, or if they just played, or whatever other excuses these lames come up with. They complain too much and play too little, but hey Sinatra hated The Beatles, I like their music even if they are idiots sometimes.

download at OneLife2Liver

iPhone Thrash

Yes, I have no life.  Yes, I pay way too much attention to detail & aesthetics.  Yes, I spent time creating these backgrounds for my phone, because quite frankly- apple’s stock selection sucks, family photos are overrated, and let’s just be honest for a minute; my phone is now 10x harder than yours ever will be.

(click for detail)