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Shredtastic Saturday.

The good people at Vans and World Cup Skateboarding held the first Am-Tec Pool Party at the Combi this past Saturday. Danimal and DeWit hooked me up with a media pass to shoot some pics of the groms. These little bastards were ripping the place to pieces. The future is looking pretty bright…that is until they find girls and they quit skating.

Kalani David blasting

Cason Kirk rides for Deckcrafters and rips.

Tristan Rennie supports the Balls, and the Balls support him.

Full results here:

I couldn’t hang any longer, so I ditched the finals and headed down south to check out the Bones Video premiere at SoCal Skateshop. Over 100 people showed up, Mumma was out back grilling dogs and a heated session was going down on the shop ramp.

Tristan didn’t get enough skating the Combi contest all day, so he finds the most ridiculous board and lays one down.

Andrew Miller

Daniel Vargas

Chad Bartie

My night ended with a board straight into my camera. Lens looks pretty jacked, but I guess it comes with the territory…