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Camtest 2012 Recap.

The 4th Annual Camtest was held at the infamous Pink Motel this past Saturday. Hundreds of people showed up from all over the country to give back to our skateboard brother, Dave Tuck, who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer back in September. Over $8,000 was raised and all of it went to Dave to help pay for his treatment to beat cancer.

1. Brad McClain
2. Greyson Fletcher
3. Cory Juneau / Skreech (Tie)

1. Mason Merlino
2. Al Brunelle
3. Otto Flanz

1. Aaron Ebel
2. MadDog (Nick Henderson)
3. Chris (Bumbles) McCallum

Best Beer Run: Charlie Blair
Best Trick: Jeff Wright
Skinny Little Shit: Cory Juneau
Best Heckler: Chet Childress
Fat Bastard: Justin Gordin
Tucks Choice: Charlie Blair
Best Shallow End: Tyler Mumma

For more info on Camtest, visit

Special thanks to SoCal Skateshop for use of the camera.

Gonzales Pool RIP.

The sad day has finally come and Gonzales pool is no more. Luckily, we were able to hit it a few times before it’s demise, I hope some of you did too.

RIP. Stole this from The Shrine. They have some sick photos up on their site as well, Thanks Freakfighter.


TA in the 80s. Grant Brittian photo

Jesse Martinez, 1986.

Tony Farmer, 2000. Toby Burger photo

Cam Dowse, 2011.

Ozzie has some great posts on Gonzo’s with a lot of history about the infamous pool. Check them out here…