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Light Death: Art Show at Hurley – April 6, 2012.

Come Friday, April 6th, Hurley will host what is likely to be one of our best art shows to date. Partly because it’s way more than just an art show. Here’s the rundown: An art show from a loose-knit aggregation of pool agitators, congregators, drainers and riders. New work by skate legends Salba, C.R. Stecyk III, Lance Mountain, Duane Peters and Steve Olson. Live performance by Salba’s all-star tuff guy band: Powerflex 5. The skatepark will be open to the public, and the sublimation truck will be cranking out free customizable Salba clothing. Free handmade Salba zines for the first 100 guests. The fun starts at 6 and goes until 9. See all you cats there!–MORE-THAN-AN-ART-SHOW