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Product Rad-view:
Creature 72 Cutmore

So if your out there trying to find a smaller squaretail because your not a total fat ass and want a board smaller than 10 inches wide it can be pretty difficult. Some people actually like to ride a square tail with trucks smaller than 215 and wheels smaller than 100mm, I know this is a shocker but it’s true. Well look not further because Creature has you covered with the 72 Cutmore deck. It measures out at 8.25in wide, 31.9in long with a wheelbase of 14.38 which in my mind this is the perfect non-fat ass squaretail. The concave is perfect not being too little or too deep. The graphics are, who freaken cares about graphics this board is for going under your feet not on the wall.

If you ride a 8.25” wide deck
Are looking for a square tail
Love Skateboarding
Aren’t Lame
Want chicks all over you
Enjoy Life
You drink beer
You ride a 10” wide deck
Are looking for a pintail
Hate Skateboarding
Are Lame
Want dudes all over you
Your about to kill yourself
You drink Shirley Temples
Remember to always buy from your local skateshop!

-Baron Von Shreddington

(Radballs and Creature do not support discrimination towards fat ass dudes)



Too bad im a total fat ass.


Is it heavy? like could i do flatground and skate street too?