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Bronside DIY.

There’s something to be said about digging a hole by hand in your backyard, then having your friends come over to fill it up with concrete.

bronside jake
Jake – Smith
bronside diy
Yamo – Sweeper
bronside salamander
Salamander – Tailblock
bronside crazy kyle
Kyle – Lein to Truck
bronside Cam Dowse
Cam – Smith


I’m sure I’ve posted these guys up before but can’t find any of it, they fucking rock. I thought I even put the late,great Unit B show on blast….. and didn’t make it.  After having two orders slip through the cracks and a real long time I finally got them to send some shirts out, hopefully they were fucking lit real good and busy laying down some shithead riffs to violate your eardrums.  Calvin did square it up real nice and even sent me a badass botched test pressing. So, if you’re in a hurry don’t order a shirt (they did assure me they’d get more on top of it), if you want a cool fucking shirt from a shredding ass band, dive in, or  better yet go to a show and grab one or six.


Sleep –
Ozzie Ausband Guest Post

james hedrick pool skating
James Hedrick

Sleep. The great earth is still. Leaves wither and brown. They fall away and touch the earth. Decay. The great cycle of life. New things will come from them after the earth sleeps. A few friends stop by from time to time throughout the year. They are from other places. Snow birds. Colorado. Pennsylvania. All over…

Al Partanen pool skating
Al Partanen
whiskey tee death box pool skating
Terrill Schmidt
cadillac black and white
cam dowse pool skating
Cam Dowse
Italo Penarrubia pool skating
Italo Penarrubia
shallow end pool skating

They try and sit out the cold spell. Frost glistens in the morning. Old bones crack and ache.The snow birds flutter and move to warmer regions. They long for warmth. We provide it. In spirit. They fly. They sing. They collect in groups and drink from cement ponds… nourishment for the soul. The snow birds are content. Thanks to Brandon Wong for the images. Skate- Ozzie

cam dowse,al partanen, ozzie ausband, whiskey tee

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