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Slappy Slaughter 2014 Recap

crazy kyle slappy slaughter 2014

It never rains in California.

OK, maybe it does sometimes. That time just happened to be on this year’s Crazy Kyle Slappy Slaughter. The good thing about this event is that it brings out a solid crew of skaters that don’t give a fuck about rain. In fact, the added sketchiness and uncertainty made for an even more amazing time.

KB clears a path to his sketchy wall ride creation during a break in the weather.

slappy slaughter kevin burke

Phony Alva (Nathan Rennie) brought some heavy slappy game.

nathan rennie slappy slaughter

The Slappy Slaughter was generously hosted again this year by Matt Gaudio and Hailey Villa at Pink Widow Distribution in Fullerton CA. With the help of Kyle Mitchell, we constructed a 18 foot parking block and Kevin Burke hand crafted a super sketchy wall ride that pulled the whole parking lot jam together.


al partanen slappy slaughter

Josh Mattson transfers into first place

josh mattson slappy slaughter

Ronnie Yerman, last year’s Slappy Slaughter winner, front slider.

ronnie yerman slappy slaughter

Angel Rules!

angel slappy slaughter

A bunch of familiar faces and tons of new comers. Everyone that came out, young and old, all had smiles on their rain soaked faces. Wouldn’t of had it any other way.

Peanut Gallery

slappy slaughter crowd

Crazy Kyle Approved.

crazy kyle slappy slaughter

Cesar provided the soundtrack and killed it all day long.

DJ Don Cesar Slappy Slaughter

Taco Dudes lunch time rush

taco dudes slappy slaughter
slappy slaughter trophies

Ryan Stewart went full speed since the moment he got there, raining or not.

ryan stewart slappy slaughter

Sonny Rodriguez

sonny Rodriguez slappy slaughter

Kevin Burke

kevin burke slappy slaughter

Jake Peluso

jake peluso slappy slaughter

The Sarg!

bill sargent slappy slaughter

Tristan Rennie with Yamo coming in hot.

tristan rennie slappy slaughter

Riley Stevens

riley stevens slappy slaughter

Chuck Hults – ruling as always and took home the Ninja Style/Beer Savage award.

chuck hults slappy slaughter

Heavy Metal Chuck

heavy metal chuck slappy slaughter

Eric Sheppard’s skating and fashion sense blew minds all day.

eric sheppard slappy slaughter


yamo slappy slaughter

Crazy Kyle and Cesar Rimoldi – Doubles run.

crazy kyle slappy slaughter

1. Josh Mattson
2. Eric Sheppard
3. Jake Peluso (Crazy Kyle forfeited 3rd and chose Jake to take his place)
4. Ryan Stewart
5. Nathan Rennie
6. Ronnie Yerman

Most OG Style Award: Eric Sheppard
Ninja Style/Beer Savage Award: Chuck Hults

At the end of the day it wasn’t about a contest or winning anything, it’s about the pure fun of skateboarding, listening to music, and hanging with friends. Until next time.

Huge thank you to Pink Widow, DJ Don Cesar, Black Label Skateboards, Olloclip, Vagrant Skates, Hailey’s Print Shop, Silly Girl Skateboards, The Original Betty Skateboard Co., Stance Socks, Hurt Life Skateboards, Beer Savage, spank., Taco Dudes and to everyone that braved the rain and made this an epic event!

slappy slaughter 2014

Photos by MRZ, G, and KB

More photos and video to come.