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Jan 16, 2006 11:16pm.

If you are willing to walk a few blocks in 10 degree weather, finding a pizza place close to Korea Town is easier than to be expected. Not only that, you can find strokes of literary genius strategically placed on soap dispensers in an area I would describe as not the most sanitary of places.


Damn, I miss New York. 

fucked for life.

i almost feel bad for posting this. (almost.) but seriously, way to ridiculous to pass up.  YOU SERIOUSLY LOVE DICKS SO MUCH YOU GET THEM TATTOOED ON YOUR BACK?!  and not only that…MERMAID DUDES JACKING EACH OTHER OFF?!  good luck for the rest of your life, with that decision- i bet your mom is one of those moms with unconditional love or something- fuck.