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i’m hella rad.

I was looking for a new desktop background, and randomly stumbled across this fine piece of work- yet again, another amazing tattoo discovery. I radballed his face, cause jesus…that is a whole seperate post in itself. Ok. So. Seriously- Dude, WHERE ARE YOU FROM…china? canada? the bay? WHERE?” and seriously- what in the fuck is wrong with you…BONDS?! the sick Aladdin font and cloud really helps dude…enjoy the rest of your life.


blow out.

Super cool when a bunch of dudes show up to a session and say they need to shut it down because they are going to have a party there. I can pretty much guarantee this won’t be around for too much longer.
Stairway to Heaven.

Scott. Photo by Kyle.

Unknown Ripper.

Kyle. “Look Ma, no hands!” (someday I will learn how to take photos)


i know it’s old, but was wondering if this person still listens to Earth Crisis. Don’t get me wrong, I love a little hardcore music as much as the next guy. But seriously, it’s been like 6 years since their last record. I bet animals that once roamed free and large amounts of alcohol pass through those cheeks nowadays. I hope they are rockin’ a ZZ Top beard.