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im old.

So the other day, after i posted the old skateboard pics of myself. i thought, damn! that was a long time ago. I would have never thought that I would find myself doing something I was doing over 20 years ago. And, although I took a pretty long break from skateboarding, I believe that once skateboarding is in you, it doesn’t go away. I’m stoked to still be able to get out and ride with some friends.



getting a clue.

The internet has killed the record industry! Many bands and record labels have been crying about this for quite some time now, but there have been a select few that have decided to do something about it. For instance, The Mars Volta has made their newest release, The Bedlam in Goliath, not only available on traditional formats, but also in digital form on a USB flash drive.
This USB flash drive contains the new album, along with album artwork and the video for “Wax Simulacra.” Each USB flash drive has a 1GB capacity and are Windows and Mac compatible.
And for added value – on the 29th of every month, plug in your flash drive and you can get new content from The Mars Volta all year long directly on your computer. Content includes B-sides, webisodes, limited edition wallpaper, exclusive tracks, and much much more. All at no extra cost!

The fact that they are sold out already has got to tell you something. Hopefully bands and record labels will continue to spend their energy creating new product instead of complaining about the inevitable.
They will be available again in March. You can pre-order at

return to sender.

my postal delivery person is a complete idiot. i have received numerous pieces of mail that aren’t even addressed to my address.

 so, Mr. Buttram, if you are missing some mail, i have it. please tell the delivery person to get their shit straight. 

niño de la tierra.

found this thing in a pool the other day. it has many names, but is commonly referred to as a potato bug or jerusalem cricket. come to find out, it’s neither a bug nor a cricket and is not from jerusalem nor does it eat potatoes. my guess is that the person who named this thing was pretty fucking high.