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Austin Poynter Ripping His Local Skateparks

I met Austin Poynter a few times to shoot some photos at some of his local spots. A few weeks ago I wanted to go skate the new Oceanside Alex Road Skatepark. I hit up Austin and he did not have school that day so it worked out great. Watching him skate is always a pleasure. His style is so smooth and effortless. The future is bright.


Oceanside Alex Road Skatepark:

RUS_1309 copy
RUS_1315 copy


Oceanside MLK Skatepark:

RUS_1319 copy
RUS_1327 copy


Monster Energy Ramp:

RUS_4679 copy
RUS_4692 copy
RUS_4702 copy

Here is some video shot by Nick “Maddog” Henderson at the Oceanside skateparks:

Here is a list of who he rides for:


Monster Energy


Osiris Shoes


S-One Helmets

187 Pads

Bull Taco

McGills Skateshop

King Of The Skatepark Jam Session held by Charlie Blair

On Feb. 2nd Charlie Blair had a Jam session at the Fullerton Skatepark. There was a good turnout and a lot of the locals were there. Everyone was ripping and the session had a good vibe. I posted up by the hip most of the time because that’s were most of the action was going on. I did not get that many photos but here are a few of the photos I got:


Charlie Blair: The man with the plan….or the man with the jam. Ollie to fakie over the hip.

RUS_4590 copy


The groms were ripping:

RUS_4605 copy
RUS_4606 copy


Haden Mckenna, Tailgrab:

RUS_4591 copy


Andrew Potts:

RUS_4623 copy


Leandre Sanders:

RUS_4586 copy

Josh Skreech Sandoval, Lipslide:

RUS_4630 copy


Just want to thank Charlie and all the companies that supported the event!

2013 Girls Combi Pool Classic Video Highlights.

Highlights from the Girls Combi Pool Classic on January 19, 2013. I had to leave early so I apologize for not getting everyone in there.


Div 1 (14yrs & under)
1. Arianna Carmona
2. Poppy Starr
3. Jordyn Barratt
4. Bryce Wettsein
5. Madi Thomas
6. Pauline Branom
7. Annika Vrkian
8. Lilly Graves
9. Hannah Chumley
10. Tarryn Ross
11. Chasity Collins
Div 2 (15 – 27yrs)
1. Nora Vasconcellos
2. Lizzie Armanto
3. Julz Lynn
4. Alana Smith
5. Hunter Long
6. Nicole Hause
7. Amelia Brodka
8. Abby Zsarney
9. Brenna Pawley
10. Brittany Conrad
11. Sara Thompson
12. Amee Jay Papelera
13. Beverly Flood
14. Alex Harper
15. Mary D’Antoni
16. Cara Lawson
Div 3 (28yrs & over)
1. Karen Jonz
2. Katherine Folsom
3. Jean Rusen
4. Carabeth Burnside
5. Lauren Callahan
6. Mandy Esch
7. Natalie Das
8. Kim Peterson
9. Nicole Noller
10. Ocea Iverson
11. Cheryl Jumao-as

Thank you to Mimi Knoop, Vans and everyone that made this rad event happen. We will post up some photos soon.

More coverage here: and here: