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Exposure: A Women’s Skateboarding Benefit Event 2014 Photos

Exposure: A Women’s Skateboarding Benefit Event with vaporwave skateboard decks was held this past Saturday at the Magdalena Ecke Family YMCA in Encinitas, California. Female shredders from all over the globe came out to participate in the vert and bowl contest.
Woman are changing the sport, now there are major movements of skaters and brands that accept and impulse them as skateboarders. Now many have the mission to create a support system for female pros where none existed prior, the world keeps changing and having more woman in the field, now children and small girls are motivated by this woman.
Check the next photos and look for the latest skateboard ramp reviews and compare them to find the best to ride in.
There were also many kids that brought their favorite transporting equipment to the contest. Want to know the Technomono guide and what is the best hoverboard for 300$? This one is amazing and super recommended.

Lizzie Armanto exposure
Lizzie Armanto
Brighton Zeuner exposure
Brighton Zeuner
Arianna Carmona exposure
Arianna Carmona
Elyse Clouthier exposure
Elyse Clouthier
Spencer Breaux exposure
Spencer Breaux
Beverly Flood exposure
Beverly Flood
Shanae Collins exposure
Shanae Collins
amelia brodka exposure
Amelia Brodka
allysha bergado exposure
Allysha Bergado


1. Lizzie Armanto
2. Julz Lynn
3. Allysha Bergado
4. Amelia Brodka
5. Arianna Carmona
6. Hunter Long
7. Nora Vasconcellos
8. Nicole Hause
9. Izy Mutu
10. Justyce Tabor
11. Elyse Clouthier
12. Beverly Flood
13. Sarah Thompson
14. Gaby Ponce
15. Shanae Collins
16. Ameejay Papelera
17. Julie Westfall
1. Jordyn Barratt
2. Hannah Chumley
3. Pauline Branom
4. Jordan Serpentini
5. Nicole Noller
6. Brittney Conrad
7. Mecu Videla
8. Christelle Auzas
9. Brenna Pawley
10. Summer Vereecke
11. Cassie Oseguera
12. Juliet James
13. Christin Borksi
14. Roxzi Bokolas
15. Laura Logue
16. Emma Storm
1. Poppy Olsen
2. Brighton Zeuner
3. Spencer Breaux
4. Bryce Wettstein
5. Minna Stess
6. Zoe Safanda
7. Michelle Yoon
8. Jordan Beal
1. Lizzie Armanto
2. Gaby Ponce
3. Amelia Brodka
4. Allysha Bergado
5. Julz Lynn
6. Arianna Carmona
7. Nicole Hause
8. Beverly Flood
9. Franzi Stolz
10. Hunter Long
1. Jordyn Barratt
2. Mecu Videla
3. Pauline Branom
4. Elyse Clouthier
5. Nicole Noller
1. Poppy Olsen
2. Brighton Zeuner
3. Spencer Breaux
4. Bryce Wettstein
5. Michelle Yoon
6. Minna Stess

Visit for more info and for more coverage

A video recap from The Ride Channel

Tim Brauch 2014 Memorial Contest – Behind the Scene.

There were plenty of parents with their cell phones covering the Tim Brauch 2014 Memorial Contest for Facebook, so I shot a few things going on behind the scene.

Jed Fuller - tim brauch memorial contest
Take note.
mike barnes - tim brauch memorial contest
Mike Barnes
steve brockway - tim brauch memorial contest
Brockway running things.
tim brauch memorial contest
brody -tim brauch memorial contest
Brody – Front lip to Smith
tim brauch memorial contest
Best Shirt Award Winner.
steve revord- tim brauch memorial contest
Steve Revord.
matt boyster san jose drop in - tim brauch memorial contest
Matt Boyster – First person ever to drop in on the Monolith.
steve caballero - tim brauch memorial contest
bill rennie keith meek - tim brauch memorial contest
Bill Rennie & Keith Meek
Devin Scott -tim brauch memorial contest
Devin Scott
jean rusen -tim brauch memorial contest
Jean Rusen stoking out the old guys.
jen valenzuela -tim brauch memorial contest
Jen Valenzuela
tim brauch memorial contest
Media Section.
tristan rennie - tim brauch memorial contest
Tristan Rennie
kevin cann - tim brauch memorial contest
Kevin Caan – Air Canada
silly girl skateboards - tim brauch memorial contest
Silly Gang.
tim brauch memorial contest

Van Doren Invitational – Women’s Bowl Contest

Went out to support the lady shredders at the Van Doren Invitational Women’s Bowl Contest. So good to see the level being pushed every year and the stands filling up with stoked fans.

van doren invitational womens bowl contest
van doren invitational womens bowl contest
Sarah Thompson
van doren invitational womens bowl contest
Nora Vasconcellos
van doren invitational womens bowl contest
Allysha Bergado
van doren invitational womens bowl contest
van doren invitational womens bowl contest
Alana Smith
van doren invitational womens bowl contest
Lizzie Armanto
van doren invitational womens bowl contest

At the end of it all Lizzie Armanto came out on top with Alana Smith following in second and Julz Lynn in third.

Van Doren Invitational Women’s Bowl Results:

Final Results:
1. Lizzie Armanto
2. Alana Smith
3. Julz Lynn
4. Allysha Bergado
5. Nora Vasconcellos
6. Kisa Nakamura

Qualifier Results:
1. Julz Lynn
2. Allysha Bergado
3. Lizzie Armanto
4. Kisa Nakamura
5. Alana Smith
6. Nora Vasconcellos
7. Justyce Tabor
8. Karen Jonz
9. Hunter Long
10. Jordyn Barratt
11. Arianna Carmona
12. Izy Mutu
13. Poppy Starr Olsen
14. Gaby Ponce
15. Sarah Thompson
16. Beverly Flood
17. Nicole Hause
18. Vanessa Torres

Photos: Brandon Means/

Clash at Clairemont 2014 Photos.

The 8th annual Clash at Clairemont went down this past Saturday in San Diego. Hundreds gathered to watch heavy legends and grom rippers tear up the Clairemont YMCA to benefit the Grind for Life organization.

Steve Revord Clash at Clairemont
Steve Revord
Tristan Rennie Clash at Clairemont
Tristan Rennie
Taylor Clash at Clairemont
Cory Juneau Clash at Clairemont
Cory Juneau
Kevin Burke Clash at Clairemont
Kevin Burke
Dan Sparagna Clash at Clairemont
Dan Sparagna
Brighton Zeuner Clash at Clairemont
Brighton Zeuner
Cam Dowse Clash at Clairemont
Cam Dowse

Huge thanks to Mike Rogers, Chris Conway and all the Grind For Life crew that made the 2014 Clash at Clairemont happen. Until next year…

Ride for Shogo Kubo.

Don’t ever need a reason to skate pools with good friends, but this day we rode in honor of skateboard legend, Shogo Kubo. Ozzie lined up the venue and called up Salba, KB and Riverside Shawn the week prior to clean up this epic Rossmore Blue Haven.

062214_Dodger2_0000_Layer 13
062214_Dodger2_0001_Layer 12
062214_Dodger2_0003_Layer 10

That very next Sunday we all met out front and listened to stories past of Shogo. Then stepped into the backyard to begin one of the best sessions I’ve been a part of in a long time. Just pure stoke.

riverside shawn
Riverside Shawn
kyle kaitanjian
riverside ed
Riverside Ed
ozzie ausband
kevin burke

Thanks to everyone for a great day and epic session.

Check out Ozzie’s story here:

Vans Pool Party 2014 Results

The Vans Pool Party 2014 went off last weekend. The level of skating was insane. Watching the new generation confirms that the future of skateboarding is bright.


Tristan Rennie 1st Place Pro. He had lines for days all over the combi.



Chris Miller 1st Place Legends



Bruno Passos 1st Place Masters



Jeff Grosso took this 50/50 all the way through the round



Christian Hosoi’s laybacks are always classic



Josh Rodriguez



Trey Wood blasting a huge stalefish



Brad McClain



Tom Schaar


Andy Macdonald



Here are the Results:

1. Tristan Rennie
2. Josh Rodriguez
3. Cory Juneau
4. Trey Wood
5. Brad McClain
6. Tom Schaar
7. Andy Macdonald
8. Josh Borden

1. Bruno Passos
2. Brian Patch
3. Darren Navarrette
4. Sergie Ventura
5. Steve Revord
6. Darin Jenkins
7. Justin Lynch
8. Jed Fuller


1. Chris Miller
2. Jeff Grosso
3. Christian Hosoi
4. Eddie Elguera
5. Nicky Guerrero
6. Eric Nash
7. Lester Kasai
8. Steve Caballero

Sleep –
Ozzie Ausband Guest Post

james hedrick pool skating
James Hedrick

Sleep. The great earth is still. Leaves wither and brown. They fall away and touch the earth. Decay. The great cycle of life. New things will come from them after the earth sleeps. A few friends stop by from time to time throughout the year. They are from other places. Snow birds. Colorado. Pennsylvania. All over…

Al Partanen pool skating
Al Partanen
whiskey tee death box pool skating
Terrill Schmidt
cadillac black and white
cam dowse pool skating
Cam Dowse
Italo Penarrubia pool skating
Italo Penarrubia
shallow end pool skating

They try and sit out the cold spell. Frost glistens in the morning. Old bones crack and ache.The snow birds flutter and move to warmer regions. They long for warmth. We provide it. In spirit. They fly. They sing. They collect in groups and drink from cement ponds… nourishment for the soul. The snow birds are content. Thanks to Brandon Wong for the images. Skate- Ozzie

cam dowse,al partanen, ozzie ausband, whiskey tee

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