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punker’s pool 7/26/08.

After hanging out at the Soul Bowl most of the day Saturday, Chris, Jimmy and I headed over to Ron’s for a little session.



Then Crazy Legs Jimmy shows up with Jordan Price, the Brazilians and a few others, and they proceed to show us how to ride the bowl properly.

Pedro Barros

I think this is Pedro’s Dad

Ronaldo Gomes

Crazy Legs Jimmy

Jordan Price

These dudes were super cool and fun to skate with. Until next time…

soul bowl 2008.

This past weekend, I was fortunate enough to get a media pass and shoot some photos at the 10th annual Soul Bowl contest in Huntington Beach. This was my first time shooting at a contest this size and it was definitely a learning experience. Now, I will be the first to tell you that I really have no reason for being on the deck, but seriously, there were some retards out there. People with absolutely no skate knowledge do not belong in that situation. Whatever, I got some shots I am stoked on and had a great time hanging out and watching some sick skating go down.

Cristiano Mateus with a sick Rocket Air!

Sandro Diaz going huge.

Bennett Harada Style.

Master of Disaster.

Henry Gutierrez took a header to the flat bottom and was bleeding all over the place. He butterflied that shit and kept shredding.

Check out the rest of the photos here:

jokers pool.

Got a call late thursday afternoon for a session at Jokers with Russ, Mark, Jimmy, Jake and a few others. First time there and it was super sick. Thanks to Russ for the call and thanks Corey and family for having me over! I only got a few photos…


Russ got a pic of my little frontsider

punker’s pool.

Although this post can’t touch the previous 3, here are some skateboarding photos. This is Ron’s pool AKA Punker’s. Another one of the elite Orange County backyarders. I was fortunate to get a session the other night with Chris, Dale, Steve, Jimmy and Ron. This pool is so sick, a little difficult, but fun once you get the hang of it. Many thanks to Ron for having us over.

The Keeper





Loved to Death

this is my favorite stage of eras/authentics- my favorite shoe(s) of all time. i wait anxiously for the holes to appear, for the canvas to begin its a-symmetrical tearing, for the laces to turn brown & fray, and seeing my big toe for the first time through its burrowed hole.. it feels like such an accomplishment.  and NO- i do not need a new pair of shoes.