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Painting the Wiltern Brown

Opening up with Exacty Where I’m At, then following with Don’t Get 2 Close; they played probably five songs before acknowledging the crowd whatsoever. The Let’s dance Cover was so on point, it totally blew my mind. Deaner shouts out “We have a special guest tonight . . . Mr. David Bowie!”  He looked off stage, “No, it’s cool. I’ll sing it. I was completely suprised when the started playing Push Th’ Little Daisies, I’ve never seen it and didn’t expect the Beavis and Butthead endorsed number. The next cover was Ace Of Spades with Dave on vocals, perfection again. They closed with Emerson, Lake and Palmer’s Lucky Man, with Glenn on mic, glory again. I’m always really excited for the covers, they’re new every time, whilst still familiar and phenomenal.

Another great show, good solos on every song. The Wiltern, sold out, elbow to elbow, without  a support album even. I could have used some more really fucked up 20+ minute covers, but I guess I’ll have to wait another two years until they come back. Two hour set, with about a 15 minute encore.  There were a lot of songs that I wished they played, though most of that list I’ve seen, so it worked out to be a pretty fresh set. I missed out on tickets, so bought some highly inflated ones, it had to be done; worth it.

I’m so grateful for the quality these little video recording devices have achieved. Finally decent mics!

1. “Exactly Where I’m At”
2. “Don’t Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy”)
3. “Touch My Tooter”
4. “Even If You Don’t”
5. “Freedom of ’76”
6. “Spring Theme”
7. “Bananas and Blow”
8. “Spinal Meningitis”
9. “Mister, Would You Please Help My Pony?”
10. “My Own Bare Hands”
11. “The Argus”
12. “Gabrielle”
13. “Puerto Rican Power”
14. “I’ll Be Your Jonny On the Spot”
15. “Object”
16. “Did You See Me?”
17. “Buckingham Green”
18. “Your Party”
19. “Let’s Dance” (David Bowie cover)
20. “Slow Down Boy”
21. “Ace of Spades” (Motörhead cover)
22. “Push th’ Little Daisies”
23. “What Deaner Was Takin’ About
24. “Roses Are Free”
25. “Put the Coke On My Dick”
26. “Ocean Man”
27. “The Mollusk”
28. “Fiesta”
29. “Take Me Away”
30. “Mr. Richard Smoker”
31. “Lucky Man” (Emerson, Lake and Palmer cover)

Bob Log III

Rumor be told when Bob Log III was a child, he lost his left hand in a boating accident. It was soon replaced with a monkey paw, and a new guitar style was born.  Strumming silvertone archtop guitars, exhibiting a full body suit, with a helmet/telephone mic combo. His alleged monkey paw moves so quickly it leaves his normal hand jumping like crazy to catch up, while his feet handle the percussion. Grab yourself a boob scotch and enjoy.

Heyeeeh! Lemme introduce the band to ya. On cymbals, left foot. Over here on the bass drum we got right foot. Shut up! This is my left hand that does all the slide work, right hand does the pickin’. My mouth hole does most of the talkin’. And you’re looking at my finger. My finger is an asshole.

Should I trust the government?

Wow, I caught the wall at the pond(or whatever its dubbed now) on the 13th. Coolest thing I’ve ever seen. I don’t think I’ll ever miss another one of his presentations. Do yourself a favor and go or at the very least find a copy of this iShoot,  iEdit material, its out there on various torrent hosting sights. Check out the clips, it was hard to only pick a couple.

Time For Revolution

You can catch them pretty consistently at whatever venue is hot near Victorville or at The Warehouse in Chino, except during midterms or finals, or if they just played, or whatever other excuses these lames come up with. They complain too much and play too little, but hey Sinatra hated The Beatles, I like their music even if they are idiots sometimes.

download at OneLife2Liver