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Product Rad-view:
Black Label Skateboards –
Top Shelf Square Tail.

Black Label Skateboards review

A while ago I had a strange occurrence. I was skating a pool when all of a sudden an Armenian and an Australian starting bartering/arguing about trading goats and sheep. Words of satanic ritual began to be uttered by these two so I decided to get out of there, but not before grabbing this board that one of them had set down. Well that turned out to be a great idea and by the way I didn’t steal the board because I did whisper “I taking this board thank you” as I ran, so get off my back. Well when I reached my car, I don’t know why I was being chased by these two from the pool, I realized that this deck was made by Black Label Skateboards. Anyway, as I calmly burned rubber to get out of there I heard one of them say in Armenian “YOUSTOLEMYBOARD” I don’t understand this language so I waived and drove off. This board had a great shape, dimensions, and was extremely shrederistic. The dimensions for this board are 32″ long, 8.75″ wide, with a 14.25″ wheelbase. Some might think that a 14.25″ wheelbase is small but if your not the biggest dude (not a fat ass) and skate pools this kind of wheelbase reacts great. The concave on this deck I would call medium, whatever that means and the wood is super strong. If you need a bigger wheelbase, Black Label has all different sizes to make everyone happy and make popsicle-only makers sad and envious. To the companies that only make popsicles, there are many things that you can do to improve your life and company. I have listed the steps that you need to take below.

  • Start doing wrist exercises to strengthen that limp wrist.
  • When you go to the liquor store resist the urge to go straight (no pun intended) to the Smirnoff ice and go over to the beer section. (This set is hard for some but you can do it.)
  • Go buy a Black Label Skateboards square tail board and experience the reasons for yourself what square tails have to offer.
  • You will immediately come to the conclusion that you company needs to make a square tail.
  • Come to grips with the reality that you, as well as many others over the years, have copied Black Label (not that they originated the square tail, you just copied their shape exactly).
  • Last, if you haven’t heard of Black Label Skateboards feel free to go directly to your nearest I Quit Skateboarding Stations. Once you turn in all of you skateboard related goods they will give you a scooter so you can get your scoot on.

In conclusion, take your hard earned cash to your local board shop and throw it down for a Black Label deck. Remember, if the people at the shop don’t skate then it’s not a skateboard shop. Also, when having run ins with Armenians and Australians run, don’t look back they may be conducting satanic rituals and sacrificing goats. BEWARE.

– Baron Von Shredington

Product Rad-view:
S-One Duane Peters Lifer Helmet.

s-one lifer helmet duane peters
s-one lifer helmet duane peters

I think it’s safe to say, no one wants to wear a helmet. They are generally uncomfortable, get super hot on your head, and definitely are negative cool guy points with the fashion police. That being said, sometimes you want to get gnarly like the vert dogs and going big usually means going down. The S-One Lifer Helmet is a classic style helmet that is comfortable (as a helmet gets), sits lower on your head and comes in either a soft terry cloth liner padding or the CPSC certified hard foam option. The Duane Peters Lifer Helmet is matte black with orange and white racing stripes so you will go faster. It also has Duane’s signature so everyone will know you are down with the Master of Disaster. If you are in need of some dome protection, check out the S-One Lifer Helmet… and remember to always buy from your local skateshop.

We had the Rennies test out the helmet and it works. Well, we haven’t heard from Bill in a few days, so hopefully it worked.

Tristan Rennie S-one Lifer Helmet
Bill and Tristan Rennie put the S-one Lifer Helmet to the test.

For more info on the S-One Lifer Helmet and the rest of the S-One line, visit


Hot Lunch S/T 45.

A. Alakazam

B. She Wants More

A hybrid of 60s psychedelic rock and 70s metal licks too perfect to be recorded in my lifetime, but they say it is so. Hailing in from San Fransisco pumping the fuzz groove out of a good ol’ SG and the all powerful raspy scream….. this stuff goes hand in hand with the Pentagram and Sir Lord Baltimore I can’t stop listening to. Who Can You Trust is glad to get you your fix for the psychedelic revival.

Product Rad-view:
Hurt Life Skateboards

Well when people send you free stuff to try out it’s great until you actually have to do some work and write about the stuff your trying. Hurt Life Skateboards is one of a few companies based in the inland empire that are doing it right these days. These guys make great boards and the owners actually skate pools which just warms my heart and makes my lower region tingle. The board they sent me came in a week before I had to get surgery so was able to ride it for 7 days and then hang it up for a little over a month. I was stoked to ride this board and the first week this thing only saw the roundwalls of many backyards. Then it was surgery time and I had to stare at this thing for a month before I could ride it again. My orthopedic surgeon wanted me to wait six months before I was skating again since this was the second time getting the same surgery. I had broke the bones and hardware they had originally installed and he didn’t want me to wreck it before it had healed all the way. The problem I had was that I was getting more wrecked mentally from not skating so I gave myself the diagnosis that it was time to skate for the sake and safety of others around me. Well let me tell you that this board brought the smile back on to my face and loud barking noises under my feet. So make the sacrifice of your hard earned cash and buy Hurt Life Skateboards and support the guys who live to ride. Oh yeah it measures out at 8.25 wide, 32 long with a 14.5 wheel base and the graphics are black concave is just right. If you call the Hurt Life guys and take them out for beers or to a pool they will give you a discount*.

–Baron Von Shreddington

For more information on Hurt Life Skateboards, check out or the Hurt Life Facebook page

*There is a possibility the Baron Von might have made this sentence up.

Product Rad-view:
Creature 72 Cutmore

So if your out there trying to find a smaller squaretail because your not a total fat ass and want a board smaller than 10 inches wide it can be pretty difficult. Some people actually like to ride a square tail with trucks smaller than 215 and wheels smaller than 100mm, I know this is a shocker but it’s true. Well look not further because Creature has you covered with the 72 Cutmore deck. It measures out at 8.25in wide, 31.9in long with a wheelbase of 14.38 which in my mind this is the perfect non-fat ass squaretail. The concave is perfect not being too little or too deep. The graphics are, who freaken cares about graphics this board is for going under your feet not on the wall.

If you ride a 8.25” wide deck
Are looking for a square tail
Love Skateboarding
Aren’t Lame
Want chicks all over you
Enjoy Life
You drink beer
You ride a 10” wide deck
Are looking for a pintail
Hate Skateboarding
Are Lame
Want dudes all over you
Your about to kill yourself
You drink Shirley Temples
Remember to always buy from your local skateshop!

-Baron Von Shreddington

(Radballs and Creature do not support discrimination towards fat ass dudes)