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2011 Photographic Year in Review.

2011 is over and I’m sure most of you are over 2011. It’s been a rough year for most, but one thing for sure is that skateboarding made it a lot better. Skated a ton of amazing pools, took road trips to Arizona and Fresno and got to skate and photograph a bunch of awesome people. Here is some of what went down.

Michael Serna Jr, New Years Day 1/1/11 (Photo: Ozzie)

Amy Bradshaw, Lance Mountain’s, 1/9/11

Peter King, 1/15/11

Kevin Burke, 1/22/11

Terrell, 1/23/11

Kalani David, Combi Am Contest, 1/29/11

Chad Bartie, SoCal Skateshop, 1/29/11

Skreech, Ridiculous, 2/6/11

Pool Shark, 3/12/11

Scott Cooper, Ojai, 3/13/11

Lance Mountain, Pigeon, 3/19/11

Jr Lasater, Gobber’s, 3/25/11

Zach Abrams, 3/26/11

Chris Livingston, 3/27/11

Randy Muller, 3/27/11

Art Miranda, Fontana, 4/2/11

Dirty Ben and KB, Chino, 4/2/11

Art Miranda, Chino, 4/13/11

Jeremiah Risk, Jay Adams 50th b-day at Etnies, 4/16/11

Chris Miller, Bucky’s, 4/17/11

BA and KB, 4/23/11

Bucket Brigade, 4/30/11

Darkness, 5/7/11

Darkness, Fish Bowl, 5/15/11

Cam Dowse, Scarlet Begonias, 6/4/11

Andrew Miller, Montclair, 6/4/11

Brant Austin, Scarlet Begonias, 6/11/11

Charlie Blair, Punker’s, 6/12/11

Cam Dowse, Scarlet Begonias, 6/18/11

Kevin Burke, 6/25/11

Randy Muller, Scarlet Begonias, 6/25/11

Brian Whitney, Ridiculous, 7/2/11

Sam Haines, Fontana, 7/16/11

Cam Dowse, Gonzales, 7/23/11

Brant Austin, Pup-peroni, 7/23/11

Cam Dowse, 7/23/11

Baldy, 7/27/11

Art Miranda, Etnies, 8/5/11

Brant Austin, Etnies, 8/11/11

Ozzie Ausband, 8/12/11

Shark Attack, 8/20/11

Kevin Burke, 8/21/11

Michael Serna, Jr., Baldy, 8/23/11

Josh Borden, Etnies, 8/25/11

Ozzie Ausband, Triple Bubble, 8/27/11

Kevin Burke, Yerman’s, 9/17/11

KB, Endor, 9/24/11

KB, new pool on his 30th b-day, 10/1/11 (Photo: Ozzie)

Kevin Bunck, Pink Motel, 10/1/11

Greyson Fletcher, Etnies, 10/28/11

Mighty, Channel Street, 10/30/11

Kelly Bellmar, Chino, 11/9/11

Ray Barbee, Love and Guts, 11/10/11

Josh Hammock, Chino, 11/13/11

KB, 11/26/11

Jake Reuter, 12/1/11

Allysha Bergado & Lizzie Armanto, Lance Mountain’s, 12/6/11

Joseph Campos, Chino, 12/6/11

Al Brunelle, Hackett Slashfest, 12/10/11

Salba, Upland, 12/18/11

Ozzie Ausband, 12/26/11

Ryan Johnson, 12/26/11

Josh Peacock, 12/26/11

Riverside Shawn, 12/26/11

Tristan Rennie, Burger Bowl, 12/30/11

Texas Dan, New Year’s Eve, 12/31/11

Thank you to everyone that takes time out of their day to visit the site. Here’s to a better 2012!


Ozzie, Shawn and I made a trip up to Fresno earlier this week. Met up with Peacock, Ryan and Adrina for a whirlwind pool mission. 6 pools in 6 hours…epic to say the least.

On the road

Pulled into Fresno around 10am and were in this backyard within minutes.

Shawn at pool #2

Pebble Technicians

Ryan rips a BS ollie over the stairs at #4

Ozzie, FS Box at Ray’s

Peacock over the loveseat at the infamous Hogan’s Pool

I even managed to put down the camera and get a truck on

Sun was setting, so we said our goodbyes, stopped for some food and by 5:30pm we were on the road heading home. Super long day, but totally worth it. Huge thanks to Josh, Ryan and Adrina for taking us around and sharing some epic gems.

Ozzie has his story and more photos here: