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Oko’s Last Hoorah.

After spending Saturday morning at Moorpark, I turned it around and drove a few hours out to the IE to join in on the festivities. Our friend Oko is getting married and all his friends and family decided there was no better way to commemorate the occasion than a full throttle session at Ridiculous.

I showed up a little late and could tell by the sounds of heavy grinds and loud cheers it was already getting heated. KB picked up a few new camera gadgets and was on photo duty.



Mid sesh




The Crew

Thanks to everyone for making it happen and letting me be part of an amazing night. Congratulations Oko and Narcissa.

Ozzie has a in depth recap here:

Photos by KB, Sam and Ozzie

Synchronicity IV

I’m 26 years old and I haven’t had a real job for almost two years.  My days have been spent lugging around a bag of extremely old and very abused camera equipment; Allowing me to document a vast movement of eclectic individuals and the inspiration they’re bringing to the table right now.  I feel very blessed to do what I’m doing, and in turn- having this progress into my ‘job’ as a natural flow.  Here’s a handful of recent moments in time I’ve been fortunate enough to capture and share with you..

I’ll be posting more of these moments on here in the next day or two..
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