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2009 (Photographic) Year in Review.

Another year down and another year of good times, old friends, new friends, progression, injuries, new spots, road trips and, of course, photos…

Chris Tietz, Channel Street 1/2/09

Matt, Chino 1/4/09

Kevin Burke, Palm Springs 1/10/09

Tige Dowdy, Palm Springs 1/10/09

Sweet Tietz, Bible Bowl 1/13/09

Jake Reuter, Burger Bowl 1/14/09

Julie Kindstrand, Palm Springs 1/17/09

KB, Chino 1/21/09

Jake, Bible Bowl 1/29/09

Tristan Rennie, Belvedere 2/21/09

Scott Cooper, Highland Park 2/21/09

Captain Burke, Bowlmonte (RIP) 2/22/09

Jim Gray, Bible Bowl 2/27/09

KGB, Chino 3/10/09

Chris Miller, Clash at Clairemont 3/14/09

Greg Fountain, Fillmore Grand Opening 3/21/09

The Iron Tietz, Chino 4/1/09

Burketholomew, Chino 4/5/09

Tim Metz, Bellmar’s 4/9/09

Kelly Bellmar at home 4/9/09

Chicken, Chino 4/18/09

Ronnie Yerman, Punker’s 4/19/09

Dave Kindstrand, Santa Clarita 4/25/09

Mark Partain, Ridiculous 5/3/09

Sky Siljeg, Bible Bowl 5/15/09 – Dave’s b-day session

KB Homes, Old Bro 5/17/09

Scooper, Ridiculous 5/24/09

Ben Bridgers, Bellmar’s 5/25/09

Los, Ridiculous 5/30/09

Josh Rodriguez and Michael Brookman, Montclair 6/6/09

Tietz Vadar, Punker’s 6/13/09

Art Miranda, 6/20/09

Ryan, SCS Grand Opening 6/20/09

Titty Caca, Aaron’s 6/20/09

Burk 182, Battle Bowl 6/30/09

Devon Lamb, Yerman’s 6/27/09 – Ronnie’s Graduation Party

Burkzerker, Chino 6/30/09

Bob Burnquist, Maloof Money Cup 7/9/09

Lacey Baker, Maloof Money Cup 7/12/09

Alex Perelson, Maloof Money Cup 7/12/09

Dennis Busenitz, Maloof Money Cup 7/12/09

Dirty Ben, Chino 7/15/09

Bevin Kurke, Oceanside MLK 7/19/09

Bill Billing, Santa Cruz 7/24/09

Mogulman, Scotts Valley 7/24/09

Steve Caballero, San Jose 7/25/09

Jake Jeffery, Joker’s 8/6/09

Tietzilla, 8/8/09

Peter King, Ridiculous 8/22/09 – Serna’s B-day Sesh

Russ Sakurai, Bible Bowl 8/27/09

Arturo, Punker’s 8/30/09

Brock Essick, Chino 8/31/09

Zach Petschek, Old Bro 9/5/09

Mark, Ridiculous 9/6/09

Trenniesaurus Rex, Chino 9/9/09

Jimmy the Greek, Oceanside MLK 9/12/09

Brian Whitney, Ridiculous 9/23/09

Burkeulosis, Sam’s 9/27/09

Nick Chism, Chino 10/1/09

Burkeshire Farms, Chino 10/10/09

Bill Rennie, Fontana 10/11/09

Tristoni, Fontana 10/24/09

Keeve Burkel, Venice 11/1/09

Matt Felix, Channel Street 11/1/09

Ozzie Ausband, Ridiculous 11/12/09 (

Chris Kasey, Oceanside MLK 11/15/09

Mike Serna Sr., Chino 11/19/09

Sam Haines, Palm Springs 11/22/09

Lance Mountain, Moorpark Grand Opening 12/5/09

Salba, Upland 12/6/09

CK, Ridiculous 12/20/09

Huge thanks to everyone for the photo opps. Stoked to skate all these places and be able to do it with some rad people. Here’s to 2010!

A Ridiculous Christmas.

Ozzie invited us over yesterday for a holiday feast and shred fest. He picked up a Honeybaked ham and everyone else brought the fixin’s. Of course, ripping went down. Being the professional, well prepared camera man that I am, all my batteries died and I left the spares at home. Needless to say, I only got a few shots.

Ozzie – The man that makes it happen




A few more photos and a much better story click here:

Upland Pipe Contest 12/6/09.

Serna held the annual Pipe Contest over the weekend. I was only able to make it out Sunday and only got a few shots. Everyone was ripping! Sorry I didn’t get more. Anyways, big thanks to SSC/Badlands crew and everyone who pitched in to put on this super fun event.


Art Miranda

Mike Perez


Johnny Abernathy

Julian Sholl

Bill Rennie

Saturday –
8-10y/o boys
1st Wheeler Alba
2nd Nathan Caples
3rd Nathan Rennie
4th Vincent Villareal
5th Nathan Parkin

1st Ashley Espinoza
2nd Maya Espinoza
3rd Christina Parkin
4th Teris Alba
5th Karina Espinoza

11-13y/o boys
1st Tristan Rennie
2nd Logan Catt
3rd Greg (Monster) Webb
4th Rad Pinkard (AZPX)
5th Indy Alba
6th Brandon Lamb

14-16 y/o boys
1st Hayden Hanson
2nd Dylan Johnson
3rd Anthony Stanley
4th Joseph Ellison

17-19 y/o boys
1st Matt Felix
2nd Nick Jojola
3rd Kylan Waller
4th Alex Fitz
5th Brennen West
6th Cherokee Smith

Sunday –
1st Ashley Espinoza
2nd Allison McGinnis

20-29y/o Men
1st Julian Scholl
2nd Michael Serna
3rd Johnny Abernathy
4th Danny Sandoval
5th Kevin Burke

30-39 y/o Men
1st Mike Perez
2nd Art Miranda
3rd Masa Shudo
4th Kris Krueger

40+ Men
1st Salba
2nd Bill Rennie
3rd Serna
4th Dave Ruel
5th(tie) Billy Rix
5th (tie) Todd McDonough