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Should I trust the government?

Wow, I caught the wall at the pond(or whatever its dubbed now) on the 13th. Coolest thing I’ve ever seen. I don’t think I’ll ever miss another one of his presentations. Do yourself a favor and go or at the very least find a copy of this iShoot, ┬áiEdit material, its out there on various torrent hosting sights. Check out the clips, it was hard to only pick a couple.



HOLY FUCK! That second video is mental; im going to the next one, on a ten strip.


I’m bummed. We couldn’t afford to buy the tickets. Maybe he’ll tour it again when I have a job.
Thanks for posting these vids.


100%, ten strip for sure

Mark Phillips

Yeah we scored free tickets in the box seats. food, drink. so lucky!!!
I have the concert from a few months ago on dvd. only problem is the dude who filmed it was into closeups of Waters and not what was going on with the wall. Good one though…still caught some good stuff on the wall.
Burn you a copy.