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alone again or.

Many of you may recognize Calaxico’s version this song from the Jesus Fernandez part of Fully Flared. (If you haven’t seen the Fully Flared video, watch it now!) Originally done by Love, it is the opening track off their 1968 album, Forever Changes. I prefer The Damned’s rendition…plus this video is pretty awesome.

bouncing souls.

So many good songs, it was hard to choose. I wanted something from The Good, The Bad, And The Argyle or Maniacal Laughter, but most of those had horrible video quality. Here’s Sing Along Forever off the Anchors Away album. Such a great band…


if you haven’t already noticed, thrash and cross-over are back and bigger than ever. i saw/heard Neurotoxin for the first time last night when i went to see Municipal Waste and Annihilation Time in Hollywood, and man was i blown away. They skate, they thrash, & they covered Slayer’s “War Ensemble” to the T, even with one guitar out of commission, solo and all.. my cousin Chris & i will be shooting some promo shit for them sometime soon.. be sure to check these dudes out if you like slayer- for real.


if you don’t believe me…

then believe the guy who wrote this review on Annihilation Times new album “III”. i was googling AT info for an upcoming show and came across this review and was immediately hooked due to the opening line : “I CANT SKATE AND I DONT SMOKE WEED…”


tokyo police club.

I’ve been really into this band lately. Vocals remind me a little of John K. Samson of Propagandhi/Weakerthans fame. Maybe a little Death Cab/Bloc Party/Stokes-ish. Whatever it sounds like, the entire Elephant Shell record chalked full of short, super catchy songs, which does quite well for my A.D.D.


As I was trying to find a proper way for you to experience Snapcase, I came across this video. It is pretty much the best thing I’ve seen on youtube in a long time. It is a wedding themed, karaoke party…not just any karaoke, but all hardcore music. How sick is that? Europeans love American music so much more than we do.


it’s summer. time to fire up the BBQ, post up by the pool (with or without water, your choice) and grab some beers. this album should be your summer anthem for 2008. you may recognize a few people in this video…