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I know I have posted up about these guys before, but you are going to get it again. Deftones’ bassist, Chi Cheng, was involved in a serious car accident last Wednesday. Reports say he is in serious but stable condition and has been in a coma since the accident. So, it seems appropriate to pay homage to one of my favorite bands. Here is some stuff off each of their albums. Get well soon, man!

Root – Adrenaline

Be Quiet and Drive – Around the Fur

Digital Bath – White Pony

Hexagram – Deftones (I think this was shot at Skatelab in Simi Valley)

Hole in the Earth – Saturday Night Wrist

and Melanie, a new song that is supposed to be on the forthcoming album, Eros.


someone super close to me just turned me onto ween on a recent weekend trip that involved a 12hr drive, two ways.  when i heard this song by ween (Gabrielle), i immediately said “fuck dude, this sounds identical to thin lizzy- the progessions, the solo, and he even sounds like phil!” lone behold- a thin lizzy cover.. and in my opinion, one of thee most accurate covers to date..