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Hello, Unreal.

Brian Gaberman is my biggest inspiration when it comes to a photographic approach to skateboarding.  I have a good friend Andy who recently went on an Element trip with him to Texas, and some of the things I heard him saying really stoked me out.  I heard Andy on the phone with a friend saying “He hates shooting fisheye, and really hates using flash and other artificial lighting set-ups, because it isn’t natural- it’s fake to him.”  I immediately turned around and asked him if he was talking about Gaberman, and he nodded.  Evidently Andy offered to smoke a blunt with Brian and his reply was “Dude, look at me- I’m old.  That’s high school shit.”  That one got me laughing pretty hard.
So put away your fisheye, your flashs, and all your other high-tech crap that costs as much as an automobile- and do it like one of the biggest legends in skateboard photography history, Brian Gaberman.