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My Heart Bleeds No Longer

I was fortunate enough to see this band a handful of times back in ’00 – ’02 before the Ozzfest plague swept up them, and all the other semi-metal influenced hardcore bands for the worldwide tours.  (Modern) Hardcore fully died once this happened.  Unearth was one of my favorites- as each new album approached, you knew what you were going to get.  The same production, sound quality, NO VOCAL CHANGES, and an extremely consistent art direction.
I don’t care about As I Lay Dying, nor do I care about August Burns Red or whatever… I like breakdowns and riffs that make me want to murder my family and start yet another mass genocide; not bands that make me want to write poetry to my current pierced/tatted ‘suicide girls’-esque GF and then splatter some blood on it just for sentiment.