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Little bit of Wilson and Duane at their finest!

In late 1968, Wilson Pickett found himself at Fame studios in Alabama with the Muscle Shoals backing band, including a 21 year old guitar player named Duane Allman. They needed an idea for a song to record and Duane suggested they do The Beatles’ “Hey Jude.” Initially the idea was rejected, but the young and persistent session guitarist was not to be denied. Listen to the song. Dig on the mellow groove for a few minutes…listen for the perfect subtle little guitar fills… appreciate Wilson’s own soulful vocal rendering of the then just released Beatle hit…you can also feel the brass accentuating certain parts…until you get to 2:46. Screams and Horns! It’s as if someone just informed Wilson that he only had just over a minute left in his life to sing. Then Duane is unleashed at 2:56 with that unmistakeable, unforgettable lick…a mere three seconds of guitar bliss and you already know who it is…I wish they would have kept the jam going a few more minutes. The guitar at the end piqued the interest of another guitarist named Eric Clapton, who later said of the song, “”I remember hearing Wilson Pickett’s ‘Hey Jude’ and just being astounded by the lead break at the end. … I had to know who that was immediately — right now.” This led to Clapton seeking out Duane to jam. Oh yeah. This was 1968. Duane had not yet been heard like this on record with either the Allman Brothers Band or Derek and The Dominos. Stories for another time. Enjoy.