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someone super close to me just turned me onto ween on a recent weekend trip that involved a 12hr drive, two ways.  when i heard this song by ween (Gabrielle), i immediately said “fuck dude, this sounds identical to thin lizzy- the progessions, the solo, and he even sounds like phil!” lone behold- a thin lizzy cover.. and in my opinion, one of thee most accurate covers to date..


2008 GVR Bowl Jam.

I ditched work last Friday and made my way down to the 2008 Goofy vs. Regular contest at Etnies in Lake Forest. Some of the most insane riding I have ever witnessed, everyone was killing it! Here are a few photos.

Julie Kindstrand, 5-0 on her way to first place.

Hosoi is back! FS Smith on his way to first place.

DP doing what he does best.

Nolan Johnson

Ben Raybourn

Tim Johnson going HUGE!

Nolan Munroe

So, I was trying to frame Tim Johnson between Rion and Ben and coincidentally got someone else between Tim’s legs. The best part of the photo is what Raybourn has written on his grip tape.

You can check the rest of the photos here:

All-in-all a super fun day. Time to skate!