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Street Mission 2/13/10.

Meet up with Russ, Jake and Lewis yesterday to do a little filming mission.

Loaded up at Jake’s house and hit the road.

First spot was the Olive Garden banks.

Headed out to the Civic Center and quickly got kicked out.

This guy supports scarfs and biking, you should too.

Russ wanted to show us a pink pucci.

Then got some grub at the Japanese market, my Nijiya!

The pegasus loves the Balls.

Lewis took us to a janky ledge and flat rail.

This guy got a txt. lol. omg.

Then we hit something that old guys like me can skate.

All in all a good time, video coming later than sooner…

Live Undead LP

This rain is seriously destroying my bank account; I have nothing to do- so I buy records.  Yay.  The upside, is that I found this limited picture disc of Slayers Live Undead album.  It’s ridiculous.  I almost jumped out my window while listening to it.  I decided not to though.  I then proceeded to break every single object in my household- my roommates will not be happy…

I think in an attempt to make them happy- and forget about the destroyed house, I’m going to get this printed and framed to put above our fireplace.  I don’t think either of them appreciate Saved By the Bell- nor do they Slayer…But I’m pretty sure even my dad would laugh at this- and he doesn’t even know who Slater is.  Rain rain go away I can’t listen to Slayer anymore today (or I will take over my entire neighborhood wearing WWII gear and will equip myself with a bayonet just for added fun).