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Rip the Ripper Art Show.

Sorry for lagging on this post…but better late than never. The main reason I went to ASR was to check out the Rip The Ripper Art Show. I figured it would be pretty sick, but it was more than I expected. Took my little point and shoot camera and fired off some quick shots. I didn’t even take pics of everything and my pictures don’t do them justice. SkateOne will be releasing a book containing every piece in the near future. Sorry I didn’t get every artist’s name…

The Original – VCJ

Shepard Fairey

Oliver Peck

Lance Moutain

Ron Cameron


Steve Sherlock

Todd Bratrud

J Strickland

Chris Pastras

Jimbo Phillips

Jerry Mahoney


Billy Bakker

Steve Saiz

Jason Adams

Michael Sieben

Wes Humpston

Angry Blue

Jeral Tidwell

Dan Barnett



Johnny Mojo

Brett Hammond

Tanner Goldbeck

Check SkateOne’s site for more info and to purchase what is left of the pieces.



Love these Ripper decks and what Powell did to bring all these artists together to honor this iconic graphic for the skate industry.

I have about 150 ripper decks now myself. About 1/3 are older originals, 1/3 are reissues or hand painted custom ones and 1/3 are spoof decks made by other companies to give a nod to this cool skate image. Check them out here:

Cheers! Chris from FL.